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Also, I can run to the gym and lift without having to bring a change of shoes, which is another small plus.
I've been training for a marathon in Vibram KSOs and I swear by them. I had hip and knee pain running in conventional shoes, and I've had none of those issues with the KSOs. After 1000 miles or so I had to get a new pair this month(they had worn paper thin) and I've got blisters from breaking in the new ones but they go away after a week or 2 of using the shoes. I would ease into it a mile at a time though, or you can have foot and achilles problems. Best to take it nice...
5 last night @7'/mi. First run in my new Vibram KSO after at least 1000mi on my last pair.
5 tonight in some driving rain at just over an 8'/mi pace. And I think Romney's motorcade puddle checked me.
18 last night after work, managed to keep it under 9'/mi, and feeling good this morning. second to last long run before the taper.
8 @ 8'/mi
easy 5
I was worried before my long run this weekend. My achilles was still tight the day before and I've had issues in the past. I slept on my back with a cold compress under each achilles/heel, and I felt great during my run and after. I keep waiting for the tightness that comes after a long run, but it hasn't shown up.
17 in the rain this morning. nice easy pace.
easy 5 with a welcome chill in the air.
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