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Try their facebook page during normal business hours. They are quick to respond to public complaints like those.
The promo code BOO doesn't seem to be working. Am I supposed to enter it as a discount code, or is there a chance to enter it later?
Tapering for my marathon this Sunday, but couldn't resist being an idiot and going for a run in the middle of Sandy. Ran along the James River and the wind gusts and rain were BRUTAL but it was a lot of fun. So much fun in fact I did 6 instead of my planned 3.
You shouldn't just wear a black tie to an interview, you should wear full black tie to an interview. Dress to impress!
Not to hijack this thread, but I want to get a seasonal blue blazer made this month, and was wondering what winter weight fabrics people preferred. Any opinions?
20 miles, last long run before pre-marathon taper, @ 8'30" pace. Pretty happy as this was after a long day at work.
This would be great if the catalyst for all this was a break-up with his mistress.
nice easy 5 tonight. can tell that fall is here because I can smell all the wood burning chimneys firing up.
Also, I can run to the gym and lift without having to bring a change of shoes, which is another small plus.
New Posts  All Forums: