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5'7" and 196lbs seems like M in slim fit might be to small. What was the baggy area? Was it through the chest or stomach or arms? It is hard to tell if regular fit S would work for you. Truthfully if you're losing weight stick with the M shirts you have and then once you're down to your desired weight order a few different sizes in regular and slim fit. Order over the phone and tell them your situation and ask if they could wave shipping since you are trying to determine...
If you're checking out suitsupply, I'd visit Jack spade. If for no other reason, it's only 50 ft away.
I only remove the jacket if my gf is cold (which is frequently). Otherwise keep the jacket on.
Ah I didn't think when you said single cuff you meant single button, and I assume you don't mean gauntlet jacket cuffs. I'm not crazy about the single button, but it isn't a make or break detail. And if you don't like them more buttons could be added easily since it doesn't appear to be a working button.
The uncuffed pant is fine, and proper. The double stripe and the malnourished lapels will make this tux feel dated quickly IMO.
Suitsupply.com should fit your requirements. And well done on not waiting until 2 weeks before the wedding to find a suit.
iphone + tunein app
Not sloppier. I own a number of them and they are all 33" and the second button works as advertised, to make the fit as a 32 by holding them at your wrist. If you buy a sport shirt from BB in a retail store, they are the same way. For example, a small is really a 14 1/2 - 32/33 with 2 buttons at the cuff. The split sizing is a way to reduce inventory while serving the same number of customers.
Since a wallet is for carrying money in one form or another, green would be the natural choice.
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