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Comment from someone at the bar where I'm watching - "Nice bangs, c**t."
Gotta love the still screen from the video too.
NPR just said "community leaders in Florida worry about the potential for protests and outcry," which is the loveliest sidestep of the word riot I've heard so far.
note - The text on the CNN homepage is larger than it appears in that image. It looks like a NY Post headline.
CNN never fails to present things as fair and balanced as possible.
Don't forget the littering charge for the brass casing.
I've been next to someone who enveloped the arm rest and oozed into my personal space. They also had possibly the largest laptop manufactured, with the screen at maximum brightness, watching shitty movies through the entire overnight flight. Also, Dorito breath.
Probably for the best that the experiment didn't work. I shudder to think about the amount of methane being released into the atmosphere if the entire homeless population was living on nothing but turkey chili.
I lived across the street from one of their stores in downtown Orlando awhile back. It was a good store, but it wasn't any better than my Harris Teeter now (just cheaper).
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