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I rewatched Batman Begins earlier this week and I was struck by how artificial and "comic booky" Gotham looks in that film, especially when compared to Gotham in DKR. They don't look at all like the same city. Also, I heard Bane's voice described as a muffled version of Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery in the SNL Jeopardy sketches, which I thought was spot on.
I've got a couple of the ESF OCBD that can be worn untucked because of the amount of shrinking the oxford cloth does over time. I wear them almost exclusively when I;m wearing a casual button down shirt, but I usually tuck, and I usually don't have a problem with the slim or extra slim sleeves being too baggy. Normally having the sleeves rolled up also helps this.
Socks and squares and ties are often used to bring in the color and contrast, which you have said make an "outfit" more stylish. But too often loud colors and contrasts are used to distract from the fact that everything does not fit as it should.
More time spent on proper fit, less time spent on fun socks and pocket square peacocks. That blue on blue is not boring.
He is, a passionate individual, when it comes to improving, race, relations.
Seriously though, just get 2 passable suits etc until you get where you want to be weight-wise. Drop 20 lbs and your expensive new clothes will look like shit.
One Tom Ford suit. You'll have to go barefoot though.
Why were the pants more expensive than the jacket? Or did you mean to say the jacket was $3.75? Also, your definition of "no padding" seems to be a bit charitable.
Well done on your part buying all the guys suits, and suits that fit them well at that.
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