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Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Isn't that how they've always been cut; 3" slimmer in the chest, 1" slimmer in the waist? yeah but the waist seems bigger now than before. the waist fits the same as the slim fit now. or so it seems.
It is funny you mention this, because I had the opposite experience. The new shirts seem less slim, but only in the waist. They fit well through the chest and arms but there is considerably more fabric around the waist. The shirts I bought early last year had a trimmer waist IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee Changeable buttons - that sounds interesting. Is that a form of button where you can attach different facings depending on the occasion? I've seen snap on buttons but I'm talking about a large face button with a smaller button behind it by 1/4" or so. both sides of the jacket would have button holes, but the side to be concealed would have the smaller button holes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marlowe Louis C.K.'s latest comedy album, "Hilarious", was so funny that I almost went insane. It almost ruined my life. I'm homeless now because I can't cope or reason anymore because it just shattered my mind and now I have shit and leaves in my hair and I'm drenched in pee in the gutter. +1, this guy gets the title. and to the people complaining about the audience laughter being low, Louis records from the stage...
I know it goes against the kool-aid here, but 2 button 3 patch single vent would be my ideal. And I would do changeable buttons so I could switch in brass, horn, and MOP.
Bean boots.
Already have a green wallet, these 94 pages were useless.
We have the same size closet, though hers has much more stuff in it. mine is a thing of (semi)minimalist beauty.
FYI check the items on 50% clearance to see if they've got something you wanted because all of the shirts, pants, and sweaters made w/ cotton are going up in price. The shirts are already $88 if they're not on clearance.
I've got some great pictures from my father and brother's hunt club of their style of clothing when the club began in the 20s. I'll try to upload it.
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