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This website has some nice looking venetian masks but the style tends to skew most of them towards more feminine. That is why I was wondering what sort of mask other members have worn.
I've been invited to a black tie masquerade held by a client of my firm. The attire listed is: Black Tie (Masks Encouraged). Has anyone been to a similar event and if so, do you have some mask suggestions or ideas?
Iroh's photographs should be the basis for a new instagram filter.
Kristen Musto has the comment you need to read on this one.
Dropped my car off for some body work this morning, and had set up and confirmed a pick-up from Enterprise to pick me up at 8AM and get a rental at their office. I figured I should be able to get the car and be at work by 9, talk a half hour lunch and still get in a full days work. The shuttle finally came to pick me up from the body shop at 9:45, 1.75 hours late, after saying they had somebody on the way twice, and not answering the phone twice. Then at their office, they...
I do not have a background in economics and have only my own experience to draw on, but there does seem to be a correlation between an increase in both the frequency and percentage off of sales over the past 4 or 5 years and an increase in the pre-sale price. And to those that called the math used into question, an increase from $528 to $648 is $120, or 23%, which is why I said nearly 25%.
How so?
This. And it doesn't hurt that this stunt got them a free headline on CNN.
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