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I'm pretty sure they are. The first link was actually called Crockett and Jones instead of Peal & Co. when they first showed up on the website.
16mi Friday @ 8'20"/mi. beat my previous half marathon time by 12 minutes.
VT looked awful. Glad I didn't make the drive to Pittsburgh to watch that.
Next year just go with Brooks Brothers' 9/11 Memorial tie. A bit more subdued and goes to a good cause.
4mi last night @ 7' pace.
I believe what you are referring to is the Soup Nazi principle.
I disagree. With that size leg opening, don't go for less of a break or it will just look as if your pants are too short when you are walking. No break works best when the opening is too small to do much flapping.
Sorry to hear that NYR. Lower back issues are never fun. An early 14 mi for me today at 9'20"/mi. Finished early enough to have breakfast and clean the house before football starts.
Thanks! My time wasn't terrible for me actually, averaged 8'19"/mi but did the last mile in 7'28". I was aiming for a sub 50 minute time, so I'll try the same route again next week.
10K last night. Won't list my pace after seeing the guys above me.
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