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Sock check on "House" please.
If you purchased it before the policy went into place, then the old open ended return policy applies.
The 1818 Milano suits @ 60% off are a good buy.
If you didn't join until August of 2011, you got less than 4 months of PG, certainly not enough to draw a complete opinion. His closet was well edited, but not meh.
Anyone see it in IMAX? The IMAX release is a day early here so I thought about going to see it, but sometimes the format can detract if it wasn't filmed initially for that format.
3 pages and no mention of PG?
Well said NYR. Had my first marathon today in Raleigh (City of Oaks Marathon). Went fairly well, although it was a cold start, and rain right before the start and running in vibrams meant wet feet and some serious blisters. Finished just over 4 hours, actual time should be posted tonight on their website. 1st pic is about around mile 17, second is my buddy who trained with me (his first marathon too).
Try their facebook page during normal business hours. They are quick to respond to public complaints like those.
The promo code BOO doesn't seem to be working. Am I supposed to enter it as a discount code, or is there a chance to enter it later?
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