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Very nice work! Would love to see some more pictures, and the navy chairs are a good choice. I've used them on a few similar projects. If you've got more of the same wood, a bench in the same style could be nice to set under the windows, and then could be used to convert the table from 4 to 6 (or 6 to 8) when the need arises.
I've had the oldest one for about 2 years, 2 of them have been worn 3 times over 2 weeks on average and the others are more seasonal, but all of them look as good as the day i got them.The 1818 Milano is half-canvassed, not fused.
Girl. She worked at Samuel Cole and I followed her to Lux. I'll see if I can remember her name.
Ok, figured out the names. I went to Samuel Cole first and then Lux Salon, and I had great experiences at both.
I can't remember my barber from a few years ago when I lived there, but as someone I who moved around a bit, here is what I did - find a salon that stocks higher end products that have a high standard for what salons can carry them (bumble and bumble usually is good about this) and book an appointment there. I'll try to find the place I used to visit as well.
For a 36S, the pants would be a 30. I'd leave them unfinished and have the alterations done at your local store - that way the length can be exactly what you're looking for.
I do too, I'm wearing the 649s today actually. But at 19, I think you need to think of sunglasses as slightly more disposable. I mentioned wayfarer becasue his hair reminded me of the Dylan photo.
Save some money if you're that strapped, go wayfarer.
In my experience they're up there - I have four and I'm a big fan of their soft shoulder. With a little waist suppression they fit me well, and do a good job of skirting the line between stylish and business appropriate.
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