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was too tired to post last night. 13.1mi@9'25"/mi after work on a hot and humid night.
Also notice the middle school picture day tie knots. Someone should lose their job.
Attached are a few of the tailored jackets from Banana Republic. At this point they're not even altering the jackets to look good for the website?
6.25mi@8'25"/mi and felt good the whole time
i use the shot blocks, i like the black cherry because of the added caffeine.
4@just over 8'/mi
Nike+ had me 11mi@10'10"/mi, but after reviewing the run think I was closer to 12mi@9'30"/mi
5mi @ 8'08"/mi
Run and lift in the same shoes, VFFs.
346 is the outlet line (named for the flagship store's address on Madison Ave) and they do sell Italian made socks. I've got a number of their over the calf wool blend socks, and in my experience, they are a great deal.
New Posts  All Forums: