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I don't know that I agree with that. How much is there to be saved by using a center vent vs side vents? And I've always paid the same having a RTW jacket altered because, regardless of vent style, the alteration is coming from the side seams.
Ask Shirley Phelps-Roper where her bastard son Sam is. Apparently she does not like that.
Running errands this morning I go to make a u-turn on my street to run upstairs, drop off some groceries and head in to the office. I signal I'm turning left and pull the wheel slightly right so I can make the turn. I do this every single day without a problem. This work van for a cable installer comes flying up and proceeds to cross the double yellows to pass me on the left as I'm turning left on this one lane road. He realizes what I'm doing and lays on the horn, and I...
Getting married in June and have a block of rooms reserved for guests at a historic hotel that is walking distance from the reception venue and the bars downtown. Just received word that the university has purchased the hotel and they will be closing in May.
Apparently UnnamedPlayer had a bad experience with Howard Yount. He has spoken about it before with reasonable complaints, but now he insists on shitting up the affiliate thread.
Besides the homeless guy on the cover, it seemed to me that they were gearing up for the big Great Gatsby tie-in this summer. I know they provided clothes for the film and I'm sure they'll have promotions for it as the opening date gets closer but they haven't mentioned much about it yet. Many of the images felt Gatsbyesque, particularly some of the hairstyles, and I'm sure this will only increase in the coming months. On an unrelated note, I want the DB navy linen Milano...
For the phone, buy a phone without the contract. Is the razr the new touch screen or the flip phone? If it is the latter I'm sure you can pick one up cheap.
The asterisk is actually a star, meaning these shoes are only suitable for night wear. For daytime shoes, look for a sun. Hope this helps.
+1 on the J.Crew recommendation. And if you keep an eye out, they're always going on sale.
Normally when you're new somewhere, you'll get farther by toning down the sarcasm. And since you're fond of Ocean's Eleven, I'll paraphrase - if you want to get an answer from one of the experts here, he's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left this website.
New Posts  All Forums: