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Half of my building is occupied by the Coast Guard. Since the shutdown, non-essential employees have not been coming in, so the parking deck has been a delight. Parking 2 floors down from my normal spot every 3 days in a row now.
Rather absurd compared to MTM jacket pricing. Just south of 500 I believe.
I've inherited a 1974 Yamaha 360 Enduro that I'd like to get back in working order. Anyone know of a good resource for manuals for older bikes like this?
Handed off a project in much better shape than was expected, already home from work after picking up the new iphone with no wait, and I'll be in Rome this time tomorrow. See you in October SF!
I once bought an equally useless candle at a garage sale. It was a bright pink roller skate, about half the size of a real roller skate. We used it to wax curbs for skateboarding.
Does it make a pop or does it feel like there is a knot being pulled through a hole that is a little too small? I've had the same sensation after a few long runs and came to the conclusion it was from a breakdown in form as I tired. I felt it most after sitting for awhile then walking up or down stairs. It went away for me and I was back out after a few days, but I'm interested to hear what you find out.
You forgot a nice Chianti, in case it becomes an "Alive" type situation.
This whole affair goes to show that the picture painted of a decisive Obama taking a real chance to kill Osama was probably not an accurate picture.
I saw BB King live 2 years ago. Great concert, and I loved it when at one point he scanned the crowd and said "Well, looks like I'm the oldest one here."
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