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I really enjoy when someone post something similar but political in nature, a picture of a young GWB or Obama high fiving with Bin Laden, you show them the original photos and how it was manipulated, and all they can respond with is "Well it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for this to be real, which is telling."
I used to send messages with a link to snopes to friends who posted things like that so as not to embarrass them publicly. After the same people posted the same obvious fabrications repeatedly, I realized public shaming is the only way to stop this.
Timely contribution.
Why does it seem that all the people who "like" tough mudder, spartan, or similar type races on facebook are the ones who are least likely to actually compete in one of these races?
Oh, almost forgot. Restarted my MacBook Pro last night and now it is stuck on the restart screen.
Shined a pair of boots last night with saphir wax, apparently I got a bit on my forearm, woke up with a giant painful blister on my arm.
I did. She had 15.1 million pesos to spend everyday, not 4.6 million.
Went to grab cup of coffee this morning. I normally have one at home, then I'll go around 10 if I need another to a shop down the street. By 10 I'll usually avoid the morning crowd and be in and out. I hold the door for this guy and he ends up in front of me, then proceeds to pull out a list of drinks for 8 people, all different drinks, and orders them in painfully broken english. Instead of just handing over the list, he tries to give the names for each drink to be marked...
Has anyone here had Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky? The info from the website- Wasmund's™ Single Malt Whisky Combines the best of the grand tradition of single malt whisky with creative and unique innovations for aging and flavoring that result in a special spirit that has no peer. At Copper Fox Distillery, we are the only distillery in North America to hand malt our own barley, and the only distillery on the planet to use apple and cherry wood smoke to flavor the malted...
The same thing you do when she spills your coffee.
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