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You forgot a nice Chianti, in case it becomes an "Alive" type situation.
This whole affair goes to show that the picture painted of a decisive Obama taking a real chance to kill Osama was probably not an accurate picture.
I saw BB King live 2 years ago. Great concert, and I loved it when at one point he scanned the crowd and said "Well, looks like I'm the oldest one here."
Our apt has no lobby, so I always have things shipped to the office. Always on time and someone brings them to my office,I don't even leave my chair. My wife however ALWAYS ships things to the apt, and they never fit through the mail slot, so after 2 days of attempts I have to call an automated number, schedule a pickup, drive out to the distribution center between 8 and 8:30 and wait in line with the dregs of society.
George Zimmerman taken into custody by Florida police
This video is making me happy.
Local farmer's market or from a grocer?
Rapidly rising blueberry prices.
What kind of creatine or creatine delivery are you guys using? I've never felt like it has given me significant strength gains, but it has been a few years since I've used it and my training is much more strength focused now.
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