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Normally when you're new somewhere, you'll get farther by toning down the sarcasm. And since you're fond of Ocean's Eleven, I'll paraphrase - if you want to get an answer from one of the experts here, he's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left this website.
Unfortunately, J.Crew has a meat dress for F/W2013.
My neighbor has the habit of playing the same cd over and over for weeks and weeks. For most of this year, it has been the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, which I didn't mind (although hearing "Comanche" on repeat through the wall was disconcerting). As of this week, he's changed over to LeAnn Rimes' God Bless America album.
HBO Go finally allows sharing to Apple TV, so I've started the series from the beginning. Halfway through season 2 and the worst marathon session was 8 episodes in a row. Such an amazing show.
Only $90 was for the room, the other $60 was for the locked car. I don't mind spending the money on the guy, and I'm not mad about it, just shitty timing as im saving for my own wedding and in 3 other weddings this spring, and following a tight budget as a result.
Locked my keys in car on a site visit (first time in 10+ years) and found out a bachelor party I declined attending is 1 room short of their contracted occupation so I'm splitting the room cost with another guy to cover it. Spending over $150 on absolutely nothing.
Try Capital One, I had to use them when I was starting out and they are good about low limit cards to build credit.
I really enjoy when someone post something similar but political in nature, a picture of a young GWB or Obama high fiving with Bin Laden, you show them the original photos and how it was manipulated, and all they can respond with is "Well it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for this to be real, which is telling."
I used to send messages with a link to snopes to friends who posted things like that so as not to embarrass them publicly. After the same people posted the same obvious fabrications repeatedly, I realized public shaming is the only way to stop this.
Timely contribution.
New Posts  All Forums: