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My name is Al and I'm here to saythe polar ice caps are going away...
The clip taught me something new. Apparently white people voted for Obama so they could act racist and then when called on their racist behavior, say "I can't be racist, I voted for a black president."
The changes in piping and pressure required to go from floor mounted to wall mounted are significant and often cost prohibitive.
Tuesday was the the 4th anniversary of my dad's passing. Last night I was organizing a closet and found a box containing various things from my childhood dresser that I hadn't sorted through when I got them years ago. Among the things was a Buck pocket knife with an wood inlay handle, still in the box with papers. I had completely forgotten about it. On one side of the blade of the knife was my initials and on the opposite was the year, 1996. That's when I remembered that...
I'm in the same boat - renter with one neighbor. Just be a grown up and talk to the guy. My neighbor played music too loudly at all hours. I went and asked him if he could keep it down after midnight during the week, and he did.
Don't believe the hype.
After over 2 years on the wait list, I found out today that my number is coming up for Eagle Rare 17 Y.O.
I made a comment about how everyone posting that story about how evil CC was, and had Monday off, should donate the day's holiday pay to a Native American charity. It was not well received.
I had my sleeves shortened (in my defense, I'm normally a small but had to size up to a medium in the commander because the shoulders are so damn narrow)
My basil plant had reached nearly 5 ft and I was planning on harvesting it all this weekend before frost hits. The plan was to make a large quantity of pesto, then take the rest and coarsely blend with water, and freeze both in cubes. The weather today saturated the soil, and the high wind uprooted my plants, so I had to do this today after work. About half way through, the drive wheel on the blender ground itself down, so I was only able to make pesto but no pure basil...
New Posts  All Forums: