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It is funny how the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial went from being seen as non-traditional to sort of the standard bearer for today's minimal memorials. I think I remember learning that Maya Lin received a C on the entry as an undergrad. Her original presentation wasn't exactly thrilling though -I had the same experience as you when I first saw the WWII Memorial - just overly literal and not really moving like some of the other memorials. The states thing and everyone taking a...
Is anything more satisfying than watching a guy drive like a complete asshole, tailgating and switching lanes all over, then flying around you at 20+ over the speed limit into the well established speed trap up ahead and watching him be pulled over? It also helps that this guy was driving a dually with smoke stack exhaust and giant rear window stickers that said No Fear and Back Off.
These aren't friends of mine, but the shit people post after news stories on Facebook while trying to be funny is some of the most cringe inducing, unfunny shit I've ever read (I didn't bother blurring names out since they posted this on a public FB page).
I just looked it up too. Wow.
Nevermind, meant to post this in Stupid political crap your friends post of facebook.
BB's regular width ties are still thin enough these days to work well. But I'm not a big fan of the slim ties and the knots they make.
I read this at first as if he had the mangled finger in a jewelry box.
Yeah, I figured that was what he was getting at, the different metal discussion just reminded me of the tungsten story. Do you work in jewelry or precious metals? Is that what B1os was referencing?
Pleb.Just this past weekend heard a story about a guy in the Navy who had his ring finger crushed in an accident at sea, the finger wouldn't stop swelling and they didn't have tools on board to remove his tungsten ring, so they had to cut off the finger instead.
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