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In my experience, some of the spring/summer suits are lighter in weight, and some of the fall/winter suits are heavier. I know they have made flannel suits for the fall, and 2 of my spring suits definitely wear cooler than my year round suits.
Also, how would you compare the shoulder padding to the Milano (the black fleece looks to be more padded)?
Are those hacking pockets or is that the angle of the jacket quarters relative to the camera?
If he's the sad sack you described, cops could have felt bad for him. My dad had a friend who couldn't get a DUI to save his life. He refused to quit drinking so his wife kicked him out and he was staying in their RV. He proceeded to sideswipe numerous cars on the highway with the RV and after being pulled over was told to "sleep it off."
I'm having the same issue.
I've worked with a few people who look great on paper and are just the worst employees. The things that help them succeed in an academic environment make them shit at working in the real world.
Getting ties for the whole wedding party? Go to the BB outlet. If not, then get the one from BB. If you're talking about the standard semi-butterfly and not the pointed or batwing, I've had that tie for a couple of years and I like it. Good quality, ties well, made in the USA.
You really think someone shouldn't participate in a black tie event because they've got a vented jacket? There is most definitely a difference between someone eschewing the rules in favor of "creative black tie" and someone wearing a correct rig with vents. I'll pose this question. Which of the following would be preferable - a vented single button peak lapeled jacket, or an unvented 2 button notch lapel jacket?
If that reasoning were sound, then it would apply to BB's suits as well. Of the 4 fits offered, 2 have side vents. In fact, the cheapest suit offered on their website is sold as separates and the $448 jacket comes with side vents. Right or wrong, the single vent is a style choice, not a shortcut.
I don't doubt that there might be some cost savings, but I very seriously doubt that savings is significant enough to dictate stylistic choices of even mid level RTW for the sake of saving maybe a few bucks. Taking a quick look on the BB website you'll have a hard time finding a side vented tux, and with some rigs at $1900 the use of center vents was not a cost cutting measure.
New Posts  All Forums: