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Well done on your part buying all the guys suits, and suits that fit them well at that.
I'd heard unsubstantiated rumors of the traditional fit shirt being phased out and just leaving regular, slim, and extra slim. I'd bet the farm that it will NOT be the non-iron shirts getting phased out. They are huge sellers.
Just came to this thread to make sure snedley was on the radar, glad to see I'm not the first.
Exactly. Random anonymous guy on men's clothing forum is a much more reliable source for information on genetics.
Sent a message on Tuesday, paid on Wednesday, was wearing them Friday night. Amazing custom service to match a great product. Will be buying more. Here is a picture from this morning's blog entry showing them off. Thanks again!
Nope, CR had a peak lapel, QofS was shawl.Clearest picture I could find.
There is something to be said for agility over size.
I would say to take it easy the first 2 weeks. I developed plantar fasciitis after overdoing it in a 10k without preparing enough last year, and I'm having some nagging tightness in my achilles on one foot now as I train for a marathon. I ran a half on Saturday though and felt better at the end than I used to feel after running 5 miles with traditional shoes, so I definitely recommend them overall.
Just saw this suit, also made in USA, also Saxxon, but half canvassed. Now I don't know what to think... http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=1067&Product_Id=1626025&Parent_Id=418&default_color=GREY&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize=
It is made in the USA (Southwick) unlike previous seasons made in Italy. And since there is no Golden Fleece in the Milano, this could be full canvassed.
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