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How so?
This. And it doesn't hurt that this stunt got them a free headline on CNN.
The more frequent sales are why these hikes occur.
Jesus, the Peal shoes just went up last year from $528 to $598. Hard to swallow when they are exactly the same shoes increasing in price by nearly 25% in ~12 months. And they weren't exactly priced too low to begin with.
If you're willing to spend $500, then go to an actual store like BB and try on their different fits and sizes. The one you have shown is far too big. If that is a 42R Madison then you probably could have luck with a 40R Fitzgerald, but just go to a store and see for yourself.
You need to look at things in the full context. A 3" lapel on a 36S jacket might call for a different tie than the same lapel on a 48R jacket. Use your eye.
Perhaps I'm being cynical, but my first inclination is that this move by Maker's seems like less about filling demand and more about justifying a change to increase profit margins. But the increased demand from the Asian market does make sense.
I received this email from them today.I rarely drink Maker's these days unless I'm in a bar with a limited bourbon selection, but this is disappointing.
Anyone else see an ad for free shipping this month if you use the mobile app? I ordered yesterday and realized I was charged shipping, and now the ad has vanished. Did they pull the promotion or am I imagining things?
Trick question. The woman shouldn't be driving.
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