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They needed the money!
Name change suggestion - patrickBOOth
If you can get be open minded going into it, these kind of trips can be a great time. Also, as someone who's dad passed at a relatively young age, I've gotta say take the trip with your old man and make the most of it. You won't regret it.
Why do people feel the need to use a bluetooth in the gym to carry on the most unnecessary conversations, and why do they always make eye contact so you think they are talking to you?
Saving up for new bookshelves?
Her employer doesn't want to be harassed by people who want this girl's life ruined. Much easier to cut her loose and end it right there.
This morning, I got in the car and the radio station that had classic rock last night had Christmas music this morning. It is 72 degrees outside.
Say, where is JapanAlex anyway?
Don't underestimate the yokels in coach excited to let everyone know that they are on an airplane.
"Single business travelers, please board so you can begin working on graphs."
New Posts  All Forums: