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agreed, this post seems rather trollish for MC.
This photographer is clearly in violation of Flusser's "Brando" contract clause.
The super shiny shoes seem incongruent with the rest of this casual outfit.
The 1818 suits jumped up $100 too, except the basic year round fabrics.
I've been guilty of the navy trousers with off-white linen jacket as well.
What's with the dogs in the Queen/James Bond vignette? They got more screen time than both of them combined.
No pockets on a shirt to be worn with a suit. If you're going to have a jacket, no need for the shirt to have a pocket. This is the same reason all of my casual BD shirts have a pocket.
He has an identifying hand tattoo (lips on thumb and pointer finger).
This made me spit water all over my keyboard. Thanks.
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