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Because jeromestyle doesn't like starting new, pointless threads. Oh wait...
shorts and t-shirt fit battle to come?
I have been told by various sources that the suiting essentials line is indeed half canvassed. Check the Q&A in the link below, BB actually states it is a half canvassed jacket. Two-Button Suiting Essential Jacket
Agreed. If he said these were department store STF then everyone would've piled on about how they're too small. I know they can't be comfortable fitting like that.
That shirt is not worth $80. If you're just starting out, get a nice boring white or 2 and add ties.
I don't have a recommendation, I just wanted to be the first non-spam reply in this thread.
I'd like to throw my name in the ring for Hampton Roads ambassador to Styleforum. We're already the largest metropolitan area in the country without a professional sports franchise. We should at least have a SF ambassador.
J. Press, Paul Stuart, and the Brooks Brothers (all on Madison 2 blocks from each other) should cover classic and timeless pretty well.
I work weekends as an SA for a well known men's retailer, and I've had guys not buy pants because they were unfinished. The majority of men don't want the "hassle" of going to a tailor, so being able to wear something with no alterations is a selling point. Sad but true.
I've had a pair of white chinos with a button flyand the bottons have all started cracking. I think it is the hot wash and dry that I've been giving them because I've neve sent them to the drycleaner.
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