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I work weekends as an SA for a well known men's retailer, and I've had guys not buy pants because they were unfinished. The majority of men don't want the "hassle" of going to a tailor, so being able to wear something with no alterations is a selling point. Sad but true.
I've had a pair of white chinos with a button flyand the bottons have all started cracking. I think it is the hot wash and dry that I've been giving them because I've neve sent them to the drycleaner.
Quote: Originally Posted by Muscle_Beach Hey bros, I was told to come here to ask for help with my first suit. I'm 33 and never worn one before. Frankly, I'm too busy either at the gym with my bros, or looking fantastic on the beach, but hey I got my bros wedding so I want to look slick as shit. I tried on some merona suits at tar-jhey and none seem to fit my ridiculously fit alpha male of a body. My dry cleaner told me that I have sloping shoulders so...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackShoes Are you being deliberately dense, or were you simply born this way? If an animal is bred, over many generations to have an aggressive temperament, is conditioned from birth to fight other dogs, and is beaten for not participating in fights, I think it is idiotic to conclude that they "love to fight", after watching them maul each other. The outcome (fighting other dogs) is not simply a product of wanting to fight,...
"Knock his horns off, wipe his ass, and let's eat." This was my dad's normal response when asked by the waiter if he really wanted his steak very rare. His other favorite was "I don't mind if there is a little frost in the middle."
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain no man should drink a cocktail with more than 2 ingredients No cocktail should have less than 3 ingredients.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/0..._n_803554.html Kinda neat.. Will we be able to climate control the world in the future? We already can.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 ... To pull off these bright suits, you really need to go "whole hog" with it. The conservative haircut and glasses are incongruous with the rest of your look and make it seem like you're dressing up as someone other than yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by swb120 The Suiting Essentials line is a fused suit made in Thailand or China...I would avoid it. If the Fitz doesn't work, you can still order the Brooksease models on-line - although fused, they are US made and wear well, and can be ordered as separates (incl. flat-front pants). Good work-horse suits which will wear well. Half canvassed, straight from the horse's mouth. Brooks Brothers - Click the Q&A
Putting pants on - one leg at a time or both at once?
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