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Apparently Verizon now charges $30 for upgrading your phone. Just got hit with this 2 months after I upgraded. The agitation in my voice must have been obvious, because customer service quickly removed it. Annoying that they would add a charge without notice, when just a few years ago an upgrade used to come with a $100 discount.
While this can be true, the table of Alabama fans next to me was 8 of the ugliest fattest loudest women you've ever seen. One woman needed 2 chairs.
Made the mistake of going out to watch VT and Miami, and forgot that Alabama and LSU were playing. Jesus it's like a competition to see whose fans are bigger rednecks.
And vaccines.
I ALMOST asked for a sock check on Rudals yesterday too.
+1. The women all have great breasts.
1 hour and 40 minute commute, 1 hour longer than normal because of rain.
"Early bird gets the worm! Up and at em !" Posted at 8AM
Decided to skip yoga tonight, had 16 oz sirloin (extra rare) with Balvenie 14yo Caribbean Cask to wash it down instead.
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