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Brooks has posted a preview of their looks for Fall on their Facebook page. Some are better than others. This coat just moved to the top of my wish list... ...but this look is not for me.
1/2 out of
Because jeromestyle doesn't like starting new, pointless threads. Oh wait...
shorts and t-shirt fit battle to come?
I have been told by various sources that the suiting essentials line is indeed half canvassed. Check the Q&A in the link below, BB actually states it is a half canvassed jacket. Two-Button Suiting Essential Jacket
Agreed. If he said these were department store STF then everyone would've piled on about how they're too small. I know they can't be comfortable fitting like that.
That shirt is not worth $80. If you're just starting out, get a nice boring white or 2 and add ties.
I don't have a recommendation, I just wanted to be the first non-spam reply in this thread.
I'd like to throw my name in the ring for Hampton Roads ambassador to Styleforum. We're already the largest metropolitan area in the country without a professional sports franchise. We should at least have a SF ambassador.
J. Press, Paul Stuart, and the Brooks Brothers (all on Madison 2 blocks from each other) should cover classic and timeless pretty well.
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