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Spoke too soon - still have a sore throat and horrendous cough. Visiting the Dr in the morning if it doesn't improve. I really don't have time for this right now.
After the OneShoe and OneShirt, I don't think picking a chair named Chair One is insignificant.
Need to follow this guy's lead in Allentown - Locksmith installs shower and a camera and douses people peeing on the wall in the back alley of their shop Here's his youtube account -
The problem with Tom's is it doesn't work well for some people. I've been using Kiehl's, which has aluminum, but is a cream so you can use a small amount. Every third or fourth wash, I'll make a paste with oxyclean and scrub the pits and the collar with a soft bristled brush. If you can allow them to soak a bit afterwards, even better. Removes 95% of the stains. This is coming from someone who does not wear undershirts.
Sold out? Shit, I only have one sleeve left of the Napoli.
The non-iron is a treatment done to the cotton, and until recently, there were shirts with non-iron fabric, all-cotton fabric, and supima cotton fabric (leaving out the luxury fabrics for the sake of clarity). BB has recently begun switching to supima cotton as the only cotton used, so the only two options are supima and non-iron supima. Before this change, the supima cotton was only used in the oxford cloth shirts (to my knowledge) which were always made in the US (NC I...
I went to an older high school and there were giant roaches that would hide in the lockers. The janitors would always just say "Oh don't worry, those are just water bugs," as if the name was what made them disgusting.
This. After my bachelor party last weekend, my hangover turned into a cold with all the fixings - headache, stuffed nose, sore throat, low fever. Finally feel the fog lifting today.
I always thought being the fat identical twin would be the worst. If you're the fattest of your siblings or the fat fraternal twin, you could have just gotten the shitty side of the family genetics. But if you're the fat identical twin, then you have no excuse. And you have a constant reminder of how you could look if you had some self control. Also, people will refer to you as the fat twin if they can't keep your names straight.
The keyword on those tags is non-iron. I believe BB has been transitioning to supima cotton in all of its shirts, but the non-iron will still be made overseas and the all-cotton will be made in the US. Interestingly, if you go to the store and have one of their MTO shirts made, the fabric you choose will determine where it is made. I had 3 made in all-cotton and they were made in the US, but the non-iron fabric would have been made abroad (Malaysia I believe).
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