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I have them in red and like the few other owners commenting here, I've found them heavier than I expected. The weight is good though because I've been able to use them in the cooler weather. The red is also a bit on the orange side of the red spectrum which made them easier to pull off in the fall.
+1. Vinegar>tangy sugar syrup.
Why is how to form a line at a coffee shop so difficult? If they have lanes roped out to keep people moving through without blocking the door, then use them. And after you've paid, get out of the way so the person behind you can get their coffee.
I went down to the neighborhood bar for wine night tonight, and as the night winded down, the bartender told one of the other patrons that I am a big bourbon fan and asked if he could give me a pour. At this point I didn't know what he was talking about, but the other patron said yes and the bartender pulled out a bottle in a red felt bag. I found out that the bartender had recently helped the other patron acquire a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20 yr, and I was about to get...
Realtors seem to be the worst offenders. They put their face on everything.
This website has some nice looking venetian masks but the style tends to skew most of them towards more feminine. That is why I was wondering what sort of mask other members have worn.
I've been invited to a black tie masquerade held by a client of my firm. The attire listed is: Black Tie (Masks Encouraged). Has anyone been to a similar event and if so, do you have some mask suggestions or ideas?
Iroh's photographs should be the basis for a new instagram filter.
Kristen Musto has the comment you need to read on this one.
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