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Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter
"Before you get your uniform, we have to shrink wrap you down to our size standard."or"Hey, watch me suffocate this fat chick!"
I changed mine to say "Sent from my Motorola DynaTAC" just to see who would notice. Most of my friends apparently aren't observant or don't know their cellphone history.
We had a brother write a hilarious email about a sorority after a poorly attended mixer with a few disinterested girls. He was under the influence when he wrote it and accidentally mistyped one of the email addresses, inadvertently sending it to the brother of a girl in the sorority. It took a good four years to patch things up because it was brutal about these girls, but I couldn't have imagined someone actually sending it to a "news" site.
Just the tip?
From GawkerMost accurately described in the comments section as a slutty Ari Gold, this girl does not have time for boring or awkward people.
Not sure what this says about me, but I enjoyed it.
I think it is half lined, not half canvassed. Half inner linings struck me when I first read it, but with the reference to staying cool, I think they meant the interior bemburg lining, not canvassing.
My CAD manager refuses to be anything but reactive, when just a bit of proactive work would vastly improve our operation. I received a new machine 2 weeks ago and had trouble printing a set of documents. He came by and fixed the problem, only to have the same thing happen this morning. When I had to call him over to fix it, he let me know "Oh yeah, your user profile changed with new machine. Everyone has had this problem when first printing." Then why not tell me that...
New Posts  All Forums: