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Neurosis can be very debilitating.
Apparently when they updated their e-store, they reset my shipping address to my billing address instead of keeping it at my work address. I live in an apt over a shop with no one home during the day so the package couldn't be delivered, and when I went to the UPS location they said it couldn't be picked up until the second missed delivery. Perhaps I'll get to try the new blends tonight.
Who bitched besides Rambo?
Ah, his comment was right under Batistuta's pic with the $.75, so I thought that was what he was referencing. Wasn't aware of the coming price increase though, so I'll be sure to put in an order before then.
The regular capsules are still $.60, the Pure Origins are still $.65, and the two new capsules are $.70 in the US.
The two new Italian capsules are on the website. Should be here by Wednesday morning.
This. I frequently get "I thought about going to school for architecture" or "I've got a pretty good background in design, though not exactly the same thing." Playing SimCity and taking Intro to Drafting in high school does not give you a "pretty good background in design."
I can now confirm they are in stores, picked one up at lunch. I'll give a review after I've had a chance to look at it. One thing I can say from a quick glance, they're slow endorsement of the DB jacket over the last few years has reached a new high.
Don't forget this guy.
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