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Anyone have experience with Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year? Thinking of picking it up, as it sounds like something I'd like from the few reviews I've read.
Unfortunately that is the trend pretty much everywhere. At 90 days their return policy is still better than most. And I believe if something is genuinely defective and not just "not wearing well" they will return it after 90 days has passed.
Is his shoulder out of socket?
Outlets carry the Fitzgerald fit in limited fabric choices.
All of you complainers are forgetting that the finale also set us up for less or none of Margaret next season. Focus on the positive...
Everything I've gotten has been shipped immediately, and arrived 2 or 3 days after I ordered. Jamison's customer service in my experience has been unmatched.
I think BB will take returns if they did the alterations. That is one of the benefits of having the alterations done at the store.
Maybe, especially since the SA should have told you that the rise on the 34 is longer than the 30 (I think 30 and 32 have the same rise).
5 yesterday morning
That last line was amazing.
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