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Perhaps I'm being cynical, but my first inclination is that this move by Maker's seems like less about filling demand and more about justifying a change to increase profit margins. But the increased demand from the Asian market does make sense.
I received this email from them today.I rarely drink Maker's these days unless I'm in a bar with a limited bourbon selection, but this is disappointing.
Anyone else see an ad for free shipping this month if you use the mobile app? I ordered yesterday and realized I was charged shipping, and now the ad has vanished. Did they pull the promotion or am I imagining things?
Trick question. The woman shouldn't be driving.
If you must wear a dark dress shirt, navy almost always makes more sense than black.
I've had these for 3 years or so, and I still really enjoy them. And they can be had for much less than the retail. Peal & Co.® Algonquin Split-Toes
I'm booking a flight for a bachelor party in April, and with 3 upcoming weddings as a groomsmen (and bachelor parties) and my own wedding (which we are paying for) all happening this spring, I'm looking to save money wherever I can. I'm considering booking my initial flight (a Thursday flight) from VA to Las Vegas on one airline and my return flight (a Sunday flight) on another airline. I've checked all the discount roundtrip places, and these 2 flights will be $100...
If this was how you felt after watching the film, why would you bother watching a Bond film at all? Skyfall's script, acting, casting, and pacing were no worse than the majority of other Bond films. And if you disagree, then which film would you hold up as the pinnacle of the franchise?
Well that was quick.
That was from last fall I believe. It has hacking pockets instead of the straight pockets seen in seasons before and after.
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