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I thought you were talking to PB...
Thanks guys, and Piob yes it is a relief to be done planning. I'm at that age where everyone seems to be getting married, so over the past 10 weeks I've travelled to either a wedding or bachelor party. Ours was the last of the bunch, so we have a much calmer summer to look forward to. Piob, also glad to hear the FIL is doing better.
Got married yesterday, heading to the lake for a few days of not working and not planning a wedding.
I was planning a trip to the city to see the Corbusier exhibit at the MOMA, perhaps I'll align it with this event. Sounds like a good time.
Does it work?
So limited release the Napoli, and then bring in 3 full time flavored pods? Gross.
I found myself thinking how much the dynamic between Pete and Peggy had changed in the scene at the base of the steps when Ted partners Peggy with Pete for the Avon meeting. It was nice to see the show revisit that relationship.
HBO GO won't work and I'm now unable to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. I won't write #firstworldproblems because people who do that also piss me off.
That is some truly insensitive, or at least poorly timed spamming.
Spoke too soon - still have a sore throat and horrendous cough. Visiting the Dr in the morning if it doesn't improve. I really don't have time for this right now.
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