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Yes, this is what I meant by my comment, that the SA didn't know the difference between "40% off" and "30% off, then 10% off."
The number of people who don't understand how stacking discounts work is mind boggling.
That article makes me want to buy a Panerai. He sounds like an insufferable prick.
I think the point was not that people would suddenly empathize, but that there will be some dirt out there on almost everyone entering the public arena, and it will be disregarded as youthful indiscretion.
This was a big talk show talking point in the local news in my area when Krystal Ball (real name) ran against Rob Wittman for the H of R. The general feeling was that at some point in the near future almost everyone will have skeletons out on the internet, and it will no longer be a real issue.
Suitsupply's Washington fit - judge for yourself. Washington
On the casual side the hiking boots look good.
I'm gonna get the duck pants for this year's DU benefit dinner. Sure to be a hit!
I'm liking these red laced hiking boots as well. I wonder who the maker will be. The sweater here is also sharp.
If you're not a fan of polo coats, you're probably not going to be a fan of this polo coat. Although I'd actually like larger lapels after putting some time between my initial impression and now.
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