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Sort of like Italian Converse. These are the most popular models I believe. And nearly the same price point.
I'm not sure where you live, but in my area people love to open their doors into adjacent cars and lean their carts against adjacent cars to keep them from moving. I've see people put their groceries on the car next to them as they load them into the back seat. No thanks, I'll walk an extra 40 feet and not have my doors look like an acne scarred teenager. It isn't about preventing break-ins, but cosmetic damage from lazy assholes. And in the end you spend less time waiting...
Flip side, people who park right next to you after you parked in Siberia to avoid your car getting nicked.
Ugh, I was going to get a new pair for spring since last year's are approach yard work status. Superga it is now.
5k yesterday. Spent the past few months spending more time in the gym and keeping my runs to 30 min or less. Ready to get back out there at least 3 days a week and find a half to train towards before summer, and another full for next fall.
In my experience, some of the spring/summer suits are lighter in weight, and some of the fall/winter suits are heavier. I know they have made flannel suits for the fall, and 2 of my spring suits definitely wear cooler than my year round suits.
Also, how would you compare the shoulder padding to the Milano (the black fleece looks to be more padded)?
Are those hacking pockets or is that the angle of the jacket quarters relative to the camera?
If he's the sad sack you described, cops could have felt bad for him. My dad had a friend who couldn't get a DUI to save his life. He refused to quit drinking so his wife kicked him out and he was staying in their RV. He proceeded to sideswipe numerous cars on the highway with the RV and after being pulled over was told to "sleep it off."
I'm having the same issue.
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