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Who wants coal?
No way, that's the kind of thing that gets you a stocking full of coal. It would also get me on the sex offender registry since there was a child on his lap.
I was walking through the mall at lunch and THE Santa Claus made eye contact with me all the way on the upper mezzanine and smiled and waved directly at me.
During a site visit yesterday, our contact at the site referred to me as "pretty boy". While I am exceedingly pretty, I do not think he meant it as a compliment.
My wife and I watched that scene in the parking garage and right after Roy shot the guy, we both were like "something is up, that looked like a set-up scene and not a real shooting." And as soon as she starting confessing we realized that we were right about it being a ruse. So, does Chalky pull a Richard and go on a rampage next week?
Link so we can all enjoy?
+1. Was "SANTA WAS HERE" carved into the wood beam?
That's when I sleep in til on Saturdays.
I was so close to getting a good night's rest, and then I had to see that Blues Brothers was on TV.
I was at a hotel party in high school where two guys were arguing whether weed smoke was the same as regular smoke. One guy was adamant that "weed smoke had a different viscosity than regular smoke" and wouldn't set off a fire alarm. He tested this hypothesis by lighting up in the stairwell and blowing directly into the smoke alarm, leading to an evacuation of the building.A year later this same guy was being arrested for drunk in public at a seafood festival, and in his...
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