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This reminded me of my little brother. He has a red Dodge Ram with tan interior and oversized tires, although his truck is rarely not covered in mud or filled with duck decoys in the bed.
I think you have this backwards. California is where he was Dick with Anna, where he admitted to Sally that Dick was his name, where he was a friendly guy asking mechanics if he could help out, where he was his true Dick Whitman self with Meghan. Even at the hollywood party, he tells a woman that calls him Don "I told you that's not my name." He has always been more of his true self in California.
We have window units and as the temps have creeped into the 90s and the humidity has risen, I keep having to turn the temp up to keep the units from freezing solid. Pain in the ass and even with fans going the apt is getting uncomfortable.
Went in to the gym after work, and this guy with stink line radiating parks right next to my mat. I almost threw up it was so bad.
It was interesting that Duck was in the office with Don both times he has seemingly hit bottom.
Confession time - I got a sleeve of the carmellito with my most recent re-up. It doesn't taste like caramel, and it has a strange aftertaste. Not a fan. Should've trusted my instincts but curiosity got the better of me.
So, who was Vernonclark?
Old office chair broke on Friday. New chair is not nearly as comfortable initially but has great lower back support. I should be an inch taller by Friday.
New All-Clad set from my mother-in-law made cooking tonight's dinner delightful.
Crisis averted. Went in to the store and was able to place the order with a discount and free shipping. Win!
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