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Ordered a red eye on the way to work, and the impatient lady behind me ordered a caramel brûlée latte w/ an extra pump of syrup, then grabbed my drink when it came up because she was on her phone talking loudly and not paying attention. She jumped in her car and took off before having her first sip, but I feel pretty confident she was not going to enjoy it. And I just had them remake my red eye.
My wife keeps sending things to our apartment through FEDEX and UPS instead of to my office, and every time we are not home when they try to drop them off. Left a note for the second attempt today, as well as the signed first attempt slip, on the front door of our building for the package to be left with the neighbor or the shop downstairs. Well, our idiot drunk of a neighbor saw the note and removed it from the front door and put it on the door to our apartment,...
huckaberryhound, your repeated use of profanity is not in keeping with the spirit of this forum.
Yes! Thanks for this.
Congrats! Here in VA where all stores are state run, I've been waiting 18 months for Eagle Rare 17 to finally be close to the front of the line. Still have another year I'd guess for George T. Stagg, and they won't even let you get in the queue for PVW 23 since the backlog is over 3 years deep. Any tips you might have to divulge either here or over PM would be much appreciated.
The nice thing about ESF is that they still make an OCBD in the fit but with the original polo collar. Nice to have a well fitting shirt with a grown up collar that won't look ridiculous in a year. All of the red fleece shirts have those child collars.
I'm FB friends with a PWM who posted this link recently. Though judging by the amount of time she has to devote to writing facebook statuses about being a PWM, being a PWM is not as demanding as she makes it out to be.
Catching up on this thread so I don't know if this has been addressed, but you do realize you've got a Tom Ford suit in your profile pic right?
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