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Got my car inspected yesterday. I washed the car and checked all the lights beforehand to make sure they were all working, then when I take it in the mechanic tells me I've got a low beam out. I tell him how I just checked them 2 days beforehand, and when I go out there to see for myself, sure enough the light was out. Almost certain I was bamboozled, but at that point there was nothing I could do but buy a $30 bulb.
Power outage means I get a paid day off from the weekend job, heading to the gym then biking to the beach. Unexpected days off are the best.
The problem is that she will technically work in with people, she'll just mess around before and after each set for so long with faux stretching and getting her head ready that it would take entirely too long to share with her. I did attempt this last week when she was out chit-chatting and she immediately comes over and starts this nonsense after my set.
Got to the gym at 5:40 instead of when they open the doors at 5:30 and this woman had parked in one of the 2 squat racks. Third time in 2 weeks this has happened. She occupies the rack the entire time I'm at the gym, draping her things around it and refusing to work in with someone. On Monday I had to use the bad rack and managed to go through 5 sets of squats to her one set of arm curls (the rest of her time was spent socializing).
Gulden's changed their cap on the bottle, specifically making the squeeze opening much larger, and it is now nearly impossible to make a sandwich without it drowning in mustard.
Funeral home directorsHack architectsGerman tourists (with sandals)Video game testersGuy Fieri (probably, assuming flame socks are in the hamper)
Who prays on one knee besides football players?
5 before work. My legs have been fried from the gym.
That episode was so off putting, I had trouble sleeping right after it.
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