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This a more elegant solution, but also a bit more permanent and certainly more expensive.
Then enlighten us.
The fairest way to do it is the same as freight, by weight (person and their luggage). But I doubt people want to fly more like cattle than they already do.
You mean the AVN Awards Ceremony?
You could have left it at that.
What do you use to track your pacing?
apple TV has HBOgo now. I used it earlier this week.
Bought new beach towels from Land's End last week. I got monogramming which was supposed to add 1-2 days to their arrival. Today would be 3 days later than they said for arrival. The tracking says they arrived in my city via UPS yesterday, but instead of being delivered today, they transfer it to the local post office for delivery. So because I use my office address for shipping, I won't get it until Monday. Which won't do me any good at the beach this weekend.
This reminded me of my little brother. He has a red Dodge Ram with tan interior and oversized tires, although his truck is rarely not covered in mud or filled with duck decoys in the bed.
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