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I read this at first as if he had the mangled finger in a jewelry box.
Yeah, I figured that was what he was getting at, the different metal discussion just reminded me of the tungsten story. Do you work in jewelry or precious metals? Is that what B1os was referencing?
Pleb.Just this past weekend heard a story about a guy in the Navy who had his ring finger crushed in an accident at sea, the finger wouldn't stop swelling and they didn't have tools on board to remove his tungsten ring, so they had to cut off the finger instead.
Went to pick up wedding rings yesterday. Mine came in $160 less than the original quote from my guy because of the drop in gold.
I needed to go to bed early tonight. Somehow it is 12:30 and I'm listening to Slim Whitman and reading episode recaps of season 4 of The Wire, and I have no idea how I got here.
Except Rambo isn't AMEX, he's Diners Club.
girlplusguy.tumblr.comLots of examples here.
On an increasingly regular basis, a woman in my office comes over to the desk next to mine to give diet and exercise advise to a woman that is easily 50 pounds lighter than her. Not surprisingly, her advice is pseudoscience shit.
Excellent point.
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