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CS, there was a guy who used to lift there, shorter guy, I think Italian, named Todd I believe. Is he still around?
L'inc's posts are some of my favorite, and often very funny (serious response).
It helps your point if you name teams that are all actually in the ACC. And FSU>OSU, sorry.
Something has frightened that chaise.
I've modeled stuff myself. Most websites have dimensions so you can make a close approximation yourself. Saving your furniture is nice if you're still in apartments, so you can model the apt and lay out your stuff before you move in.
Roll Tears Roll.
Nice, just hit 3 full sets at 250X5 tonight. Ready to move to 255 next week.
Depends what you like. I think that a bourbon with a decent rye content works best since it isn't too sweet. Bulleit works well, and Eagle Rare is a favorite of mine. Wheated bourbons don't seem to hold up as well in my opinion.
I posted a few months ago about not being happy about my wife's cat coming to live with us. Despite my best efforts, I have come to like the cat a great deal and now, thanks to styleforum, I am worried about poisoning him with a tree.
I don't think so
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