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You should be pissed that you had to use Behr paint. That stuff is garbage, though Valspar is worse.
PART 2 - IT guy shows up around noon, so I've already been listening to the buzz for 5+ hours today, and then "fixes" it and leaves while I am at lunch. Except that it is still buzzing when I get back. And he has left us for the day, so I'll be dealing with this for the rest of the today and half of tomorrow at least.
Why SEC Isn't As Great In Football As You Think Thoughts?
I don't remember a tattoo but otherwise sounds like the same guy. Extremely nice and knowledgeable, but if you're an in and out kind of guy, probably better not to get too friendly because he is chatty. That's why I thought you might know him - he seemed to know everyone that came through.
My computer fan is buzzing like a loud dentist's drill, but we outsource our IT and they won't be able to take a look at it until tomorrow morning (and yes, I tried to fix it myself already)
CS, there was a guy who used to lift there, shorter guy, I think Italian, named Todd I believe. Is he still around?
L'inc's posts are some of my favorite, and often very funny (serious response).
It helps your point if you name teams that are all actually in the ACC. And FSU>OSU, sorry.
Something has frightened that chaise.
I've modeled stuff myself. Most websites have dimensions so you can make a close approximation yourself. Saving your furniture is nice if you're still in apartments, so you can model the apt and lay out your stuff before you move in.
New Posts  All Forums: