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My wife and I are going on our honeymoon at the end of September - 3 days in Rome, 4 in Florence, and an evening in Paris (Paris was not planned but became an option through an overnight flight. We should have 16 hours there). My question for those who have been, what things have you really enjoyed in either city? We don't want to cram in everything possible since it is a relatively short trip, but we would like to see the most famous sites as well as do some things off...
In the winter I'll open the windows and turn the water as hot as I can stand. The extreme hot and cold at the same time is really refreshing.
Thanks. I've worked on designing a facility with a 25 yard 6 lane pool so I'm familiar with the dimensions, but I didn't know how you could split lanes etc. I appreciate the explanation.
As someone who has no lane swimming experience, could you please explain exactly how lane splitting and circling work? I'd like to start swimming at my local Y and have zero knowledge of the most basic etiquette.
Williamsburg Alewerks' Pumpkin Ale is in stores. And today should be cool enough to enjoy a pumpkin ale.
I know I am guilty of this, but it comes from being deaf (
When I was in elementary school, a girl wore a t-shirt with East Carolina University on it, and it confused the hell out of me. Where'd this 3rd Carolina come from?
East Carolina style BBQ or GTFO.
I was under the impression that he now has a 2k limit on overdraft protection instead of previously no overdraft protection, not that he has incurred 2k in overdrafts already. I could be wrong though.
Wow, that is nuts.
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