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Slim. I wear a 15 1/2 neck in the OCBD to account for material shrinkage, and the chest fits me well at 38". At 42" I think it would not fit.
Considering your other posts in this thread, can we assume these are the names of prostitutes?
Neither did they. Apparently this is the first time this season.
Duke can hit.
Everyone along the coast in VA and NC lose their minds when the roads get even a dusting. We got a foot in highschool and classes were cancelled for 2 weeks. They didn't have plows, but rather dumptrucks outfitted with plows. They were all stored in the same place, and I watched 6 of them slide off the road into a ditch one after another at the same spot trying to make it to the main road. It was like a scene out of Blues Brothers.
Been looking for a heavy duty, well-made grey sweatshirt for years. Just scored the last one of these for 40% off. LIGHT GREY CREW SWEATSHIRT
You have teh AIDS
I am about at that point.
New Posts  All Forums: