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I have started a similar love affair with peaches after getting off refined sugar this summer.
Are you working out in the evening too? I had the same issue but it was from the amount of water I was drinking while working out, not the protein shake afterward.
Was it this one?
Went outside to cut some basil to add to breakfast, locked the door as I exited out of habit, now waiting on my wife to come home while eggs and cheese sit warming on the counter. And I'm very hungry after this morning's 10 mile run.
Pulled the trigger on the Barbour Commander, and for about 200 less than the store in NYC was selling it. Here's hoping I got the right size.
That is what she said too. Apparently the cat was much better trained when it lived with her, so I'm hopeful.
Abbreviated version is that my wife had a cat right after college, the cat ended up at her mom's house for a few years (before we met), now mom is moving out of state and we're getting the cat at our apartment. We have a small place (600 sf) and the cat is not de-clawed so I'm envisioning unpleasant litter box smells and couches and curtains shredded to ribbons. I'm also really not a cat person, so this has been causing some friction.
"Charlie M? You made me pop your fuckin' eye out of your head to protect that piece of shit? Charlie M? You dumb motherfucker!"
Well, sometimes it is about the destination, not the journey.
Went to see a community theater production of Les Misérables last night. It was very good, but I had to switch seats with my wife because she couldn't see, so I spent 3 hours looking around the Easter Island head of a 6'8" monster with puffy hair.
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