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David Brent does CrossFit.
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Peeled and ate hardboiled eggs at my desk this afternoon. This kept two impromptu meetings at my desk extremely brief. I'll be using this tactic again.
+1 to this. Most of my experience has been with the first type, and they've always been great. Had my first experience with the second type on a current project, and getting them to deliver on half of what they have promised has been trying, to say the least.
The Milano suits I own all cover my backside (both made in Italy and USA) but the sportcoats (made in Taiwan) seem to be about 1" shorter.
I gloated a few months ago that I was on the list to receive Eagle Rare 17 this year. After getting the runaround from the idiot who manages my local store, I finally called the main office and found out that I am number 10 on the list for next September. FUCK. Was 85 this year and they still didn't have enough to fill my order.
Also, the success of the outlet model's frequent markdowns may be driving this approach as well.
It seems to be having a positive impact on sales because the psychology of buying something on sale works, like it or not. The JCPenney debacle showed this pretty well. It is frustrating for longtime customers to see the price of things increase well beyond the pace of inflation though, especially when it is an item that has been offered unchanged for multiple years. Peal shoes are a good example, as well as 1818 suits.
I got a push notification from the CNN app for the "Breaking News" when Zimmerman was arrested for beating his gf and brandishing a gun. For some reason, the push notification about the recant has yet to show up.
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