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Old office chair broke on Friday. New chair is not nearly as comfortable initially but has great lower back support. I should be an inch taller by Friday.
New All-Clad set from my mother-in-law made cooking tonight's dinner delightful.
Crisis averted. Went in to the store and was able to place the order with a discount and free shipping. Win!
Williams-Sonoma wants to charge $20 shipping for a $200 knife. We get a 10% discount for completing a wedding registry, but this counts as a promotion so I can't get free shipping. So I'll save a whopping $.21. Ridiculously inflated shipping for expensive items already piss me off, but $20 for an 8" chef's knife brings it to a new level.
I thought you were talking to PB...
Thanks guys, and Piob yes it is a relief to be done planning. I'm at that age where everyone seems to be getting married, so over the past 10 weeks I've travelled to either a wedding or bachelor party. Ours was the last of the bunch, so we have a much calmer summer to look forward to. Piob, also glad to hear the FIL is doing better.
Got married yesterday, heading to the lake for a few days of not working and not planning a wedding.
I was planning a trip to the city to see the Corbusier exhibit at the MOMA, perhaps I'll align it with this event. Sounds like a good time.
Does it work?
So limited release the Napoli, and then bring in 3 full time flavored pods? Gross.
New Posts  All Forums: