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Got into the car and scanned the radio, landing on a station at the beginning of a 30 minute Michael Jackson song medley (for his birthday), which ended just as I arrived at the office.
I went to arch school with a Tower of Power superfan. He had what seemed to be every album they ever released and would play them in studio whenever he had the chance. He turned out to be a real creep - introducing himself to my female FB friends as a close friend of mine and then trying to have weird sexting convos and sending them unsolicited dick pics, besmirching my good name in the process. This has nothing to do with his love for Tower of Power, but fuck that guy.
I think there's a place on Light Street near Federal Hill that sells used as well. At least there was a year or two ago when I was there.
Wife and I have a place smaller than that, and it can be really good for prioritizing what you need and what you don't. Being in a place by yourself is going to suck right now, especially if the break-up wasn't your idea. But go out, enjoy yourself (maybe with friends you may have neglected during the relationship), go to the gym (if that is what you have neglected during the relationship), make yourself available for new events and opportunities, watch Swingers before you...
Turns out that weight gain awhile back was just a bulk phase.
My wife used to get the generic crappy paper towels. She has since realized we are a Bounty family.
Every 6 months or so, I'm in a rush at lunch so I decide to just get something quick from the subway a block over. Every time, there is a ridiculous line and the people that work there dole out veggies as if they are coming out of their own paycheck. Ask for spinach - 3 leaves, ask for tomatoes - 2 slices, ask for olives, 2 olives etc. So I won't be going back there until I forget 6 months from now.
I take my ring off when I DL and do pull-ups, no more bruising or tearing in hands.
I'm sure it is only a matter of time, but right now Al-Jazeera America's facebook page seems to be flying under the radar of fringe idiots, and the comments section under stories have been filled with informed, intelligent debate.
Why does every single website have an app for visiting on a mobile device? Is anyone really downloading an app for every shitty website they visit?
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