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Foo, I meant to post in here that I saw the Chair_One in the wild last week. My friend's architecture firm recently expanded their space and they had added, among other things, two of the white chairs with the concrete base and a few Stool_Ones as well. They look much less uninviting in person, and I did find them both comfortable. Seeing (and sitting) is believing.
That house seems perfect for doing blow and having key parties without the neighbors suspecting a thing.
Work is running a class within the company as prep for a professional accreditation. Attended the first one today and because of the relatively informal atmosphere compared to normal meetings, everyone thinks this is the time to try out their stand up routine. Constant attempts at one liners and tagging each others' one liners, and not a remotely funny line during the whole hour, just douche chills by the end.
Real question - what do you actually like? It can be anything - TV show, movie, food, musician, artist, color, country, type of tree, day of the week, anything.
Hurt my lower back in the gym yesterday.
I've been next to someone who enveloped the arm rest and oozed into my personal space. They also had possibly the largest laptop manufactured, with the screen at maximum brightness, watching shitty movies through the entire overnight flight. Also, Dorito breath.
Probably for the best that the experiment didn't work. I shudder to think about the amount of methane being released into the atmosphere if the entire homeless population was living on nothing but turkey chili.
I lived across the street from one of their stores in downtown Orlando awhile back. It was a good store, but it wasn't any better than my Harris Teeter now (just cheaper).
Kroger to Buy Harris Teeter for $2.4 Billion This could be fine, but I can't help but worry when the best "regular" grocery store in the area is bought by the worst in the area.
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