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Local farmer's market or from a grocer?
Rapidly rising blueberry prices.
What kind of creatine or creatine delivery are you guys using? I've never felt like it has given me significant strength gains, but it has been a few years since I've used it and my training is much more strength focused now.
I with you until the bolded.
Customs calculator was short by 100%.
What the hell is going on with the website? I just went to order some capsules and all the higher intensity capsules are gone as individual sleeves. The only place to get them is part of an intenso pack which has 5 different sleeves.
I don't want to throw myself into this issue between you and Ed, but the bolded is a really lame insult. It probably killed when the first guy that thought of it said it, but it makes me cringe when I hear or read someone say it now.
Do they still almost exclusively play ACDC Back in Black? I lifted there for a year and a half and I can count on one hand the number of times they weren't playing that album.
You're in Raleigh? Ever been to Bob's place downtown, I think Powerhouse is the name? More bodybuilding than powerlifting but def. not an expensive see and be seen place.
Got into the car and scanned the radio, landing on a station at the beginning of a 30 minute Michael Jackson song medley (for his birthday), which ended just as I arrived at the office.
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