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Invisalign is an overpriced product that underperforms. Traditional style braces are still by far the most effective way to a straight smile.
If he wasn't coming on to you, then this was a brilliant way for him to get the sauna to himself.
I know a woman who broke both axles this way.
I agree that they shouldn't come in, especially in your field. I think separating the time does a better job of keeping people home. Have 2-3 sick days a year, and then if more days are needed, they must have a doctor's note. It would limit abuse of the policy while also keeping everyone healthier.
What kind of policy is in place for sick days? We lump time off (sick and vacation) together, which leads to people being absolute zombies and still coming into work.
Taking a page out of W's playbook huh?
It may be. I bought the Golden Fleece DB Polo coat last year and sized down to a 36S from my normal 38S in a Milano and it worked really well. But that coat isn't exactly a Madison fit (higher armholes and relatively trim sleeves. It really depends on your limiting factor. My shoulders are broader than the rest of my build would indicate, so sizing down is hard for me because things often become too small in the shoulders before they fit elsewhere. Also, I need double...
Yeah, it is definitely Madison. The shoulders were bigger than a Milano but really nice since they had almost no padding or sleeve wadding. The fabric is great, a really airy hopsack that felt soft and loose, in a good way. Very lightweight. I almost considered keeping it, but it was just too big through the waist and the sleeves, and I'm too used to the nice high armhole.
I have to amend this post. I ordered this jacket and got it in last night. It is mislabeled on the website - it is actually a Madison fit. The fabric is beautiful, and it is beautifully unstructured, but too big for me.
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