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The discomfort is just from the pressure of the bar on the front of my shoulders. I'm just wondering because I could see it being the limiting factor way before I am using enough weight to really work my legs etc.
I have been doing a version of Starting Strength for awhile, and decided to make an adjustment since my squat is close to my goal while other lifts have lagged a bit. I decided to try switching squats on Wednesday for front squats, starting light and working up. Holy hell were they uncomfortable. Does this eventually go away, like the uncomfortable pressure on your back/traps during normal squats, once you do it awhile? Do you develop a sweet spot like you do with squats?
Well then you just may find love after all!
Only 12? Did he just start collecting?
Invisalign is an overpriced product that underperforms. Traditional style braces are still by far the most effective way to a straight smile.
If he wasn't coming on to you, then this was a brilliant way for him to get the sauna to himself.
I know a woman who broke both axles this way.
I agree that they shouldn't come in, especially in your field. I think separating the time does a better job of keeping people home. Have 2-3 sick days a year, and then if more days are needed, they must have a doctor's note. It would limit abuse of the policy while also keeping everyone healthier.
What kind of policy is in place for sick days? We lump time off (sick and vacation) together, which leads to people being absolute zombies and still coming into work.
Taking a page out of W's playbook huh?
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