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My resolution was switching my workout to 5:30AM instead of after work. I also started a few weeks ago. Hopefully I'll miss the January swarm entirely.
Office is a ghost town today, and the internet is now down, so I've got to try to sort it out since our tech guy and admin assistants are gone until next year.
Trayvon Martin Nativity Display At Claremont United Methodist Church Urges Us Not To Forget Gun Violence VictimsAn excerpt-
Thought I'd post this here. A good friend and fellow big fan of Sinatra sent me this Christmas gift. He'll be in town this week so we can crack it open. I'm really looking forward to it.
That sounds like an outlet sale, not a retail store sale.
I see what you did there.
The discomfort is just from the pressure of the bar on the front of my shoulders. I'm just wondering because I could see it being the limiting factor way before I am using enough weight to really work my legs etc.
I have been doing a version of Starting Strength for awhile, and decided to make an adjustment since my squat is close to my goal while other lifts have lagged a bit. I decided to try switching squats on Wednesday for front squats, starting light and working up. Holy hell were they uncomfortable. Does this eventually go away, like the uncomfortable pressure on your back/traps during normal squats, once you do it awhile? Do you develop a sweet spot like you do with squats?
Well then you just may find love after all!
Only 12? Did he just start collecting?
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