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Kroger to Buy Harris Teeter for $2.4 Billion This could be fine, but I can't help but worry when the best "regular" grocery store in the area is bought by the worst in the area.
Yes, but how much would you spend on training the chimp?
Asked my wife to weed the herb garden while I was working yesterday. While she did remove most of the weeds, she used a hand trowel and tilled up the soil instead of just pulling them out, so I have a feeling they'll be back before the week is over. Also, I was one of the wide eyed dreamers who ordered the AEs from Jos A Bank in hopes that they would honor their low web price. Now I'm not getting the shoes and my email and web ads are being taken over by JAB ads.
Then make two holes. Two holes are more fun anyway.
This a more elegant solution, but also a bit more permanent and certainly more expensive.
Then enlighten us.
The fairest way to do it is the same as freight, by weight (person and their luggage). But I doubt people want to fly more like cattle than they already do.
You mean the AVN Awards Ceremony?
You could have left it at that.
What do you use to track your pacing?
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