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I also just remembered Don's trip to California in season 2 when he passed out with the nomads, and one of them telling him to aim for the pool next time.
I've read a few recaps and none have picked up on the fact that during the hash trip, he is called Don and then says something along the lines of "That's not my name." It seems to be important when taken with Megan's talk of second chances, Private Dinkins' talk of being MIA/dead, and Don's fall into the pool (suicide attempt?).
Roger's repeated jabs at Danny seemed out of character.
+1. The things that were pissing me off now seem so trivial that I'm embarrassed.GF, I'm really sorry to hear this and I sincerely hope that things get better for your sister and your family.SH, glad to hear positive news, and hope to hear more soon.
It appears, for the first time ever, Piob and Rolling Stone are having the same thought.Rolling Stone - Who Is Bob Benson?
Interesting idea. He does have some similarities to Don the eager fur salesman.
If Milano works, why not stick with that?
Not my normal mechanic, but I've got late nights at work the rest of the week followed by a trip out of state so I needed to get it done on Memorial Day or it would expire on Saturday, which made my options limited. Poor planning, etc.
Got my car inspected yesterday. I washed the car and checked all the lights beforehand to make sure they were all working, then when I take it in the mechanic tells me I've got a low beam out. I tell him how I just checked them 2 days beforehand, and when I go out there to see for myself, sure enough the light was out. Almost certain I was bamboozled, but at that point there was nothing I could do but buy a $30 bulb.
Power outage means I get a paid day off from the weekend job, heading to the gym then biking to the beach. Unexpected days off are the best.
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