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It really should be a non-story. But she is reaping the PC bullshit she has sown.
That is the kind of parenting this generation needs. Too much coddling.
Not if you want to lose that holiday weight.
I think most reasonable people understand the benefits of a balanced diet, and the health risks of a diet dominated by red meat and dairy (and therefore high in fat) are documented. This is very different from mucus fueling the growth of cancer cells, and breathing deep increasing your oxygen level and suffocating cancer cells. The problem is that this doesn't encourage people to eat a plant-strong diet, it uses fake science to scare people into eating their vegetables,...
How to avoid cancer.Some of the better suggestions-As someone who is alive today because of chemotherapy, and not because I did a good job of reducing the cancer-feeding mucus in my system, I find the spreading of this shit "information" to be incredibly dangerous.
The matchup that everyone has been clamoring for is finally here! Virginia Tech takes on UCLA in the Hyundai Sun Bowl! Where will you be at 2PM (historically considered the optimal time for a bowl game kick-off) when this epic showdown begins? Go Hokies!
My resolution was switching my workout to 5:30AM instead of after work. I also started a few weeks ago. Hopefully I'll miss the January swarm entirely.
Office is a ghost town today, and the internet is now down, so I've got to try to sort it out since our tech guy and admin assistants are gone until next year.
Trayvon Martin Nativity Display At Claremont United Methodist Church Urges Us Not To Forget Gun Violence VictimsAn excerpt-
New Posts  All Forums: