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Say, where is JapanAlex anyway?
Don't underestimate the yokels in coach excited to let everyone know that they are on an airplane.
"Single business travelers, please board so you can begin working on graphs."
You don't like either of these?
But then I'm the asshole who takes the elevator up 2 floors in a 15 floor building.
Instead of playing pranks, help those fatties slim down while getting their candy fix - give them ayds.
I work on the 2nd floor of my building and never take the elevator because I'm not a prick. Recently, fatties from the teen floors have decided to "get in shape" by taking the elevator down to the 2nd floor and taking the last floor of stairs, and taking the stairs to the 2nd floor elevator bank when they come back to the building. Fine, except they are soooo slow and there is a herd of them, so they block the stairs for anyone wanting to ascend or descend at a normal...
I got this today-Well fuck you too, Spotify.
My name is Al and I'm here to saythe polar ice caps are going away...
The changes in piping and pressure required to go from floor mounted to wall mounted are significant and often cost prohibitive.
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