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We went to a friend's open house last night in Raleigh, which is 3 hours away. As soon as we got into town, and dropped below highway speed, my car developed a knock that became a violent vibration when I accelerated. Got it on a jack this morning and was able to determine it is probably an issue with the drivetrain and not an immediate threat, so we could make it home. But fuck what a stressful drive home. Dropped it off at the mechanic, so now I wait for an estimate to...
I'm doing the Wichita Falls version of starting strength, but I'm switching the alternations between bench and shoulder press up and have bench twice a week (Monday and Friday) and adding incline db press and flys after my regular 3 exercises on one of those days (most likely Friday).
I've never had much of a chest. Even now my shoulders fill out a suit jacket before my chest, and my lats make my chest measurement seem higher than it should be. Grass is always greener I suppose.
Ok, that makes me feel better. I'm at 5'8"/148lbs, and right now 3x5x255 for squat, 1x5x285 dead, 3x5x170 bench. I put my focus last year on moving my squat up, and I know that I could move my dead with more focus. My bench is the one that will be harder. I spent a bunch of time in college just trying to put up a full plate. My chest has always been my weak link (thanks Dad). I figure I can keep pushing my weight up until I get my 1RM equivalent to 225, and slowly drop bf...
The problem is that the yes/no proportions on that between men and women don't match up.
Mark, KC, how much do you guys weigh/how tall?
People drink pepsi by choice?
good start.
Mine went up 50% but I didn't lose it. My mom, however, did. That has to count for something.
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