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I've never had much of a chest. Even now my shoulders fill out a suit jacket before my chest, and my lats make my chest measurement seem higher than it should be. Grass is always greener I suppose.
Ok, that makes me feel better. I'm at 5'8"/148lbs, and right now 3x5x255 for squat, 1x5x285 dead, 3x5x170 bench. I put my focus last year on moving my squat up, and I know that I could move my dead with more focus. My bench is the one that will be harder. I spent a bunch of time in college just trying to put up a full plate. My chest has always been my weak link (thanks Dad). I figure I can keep pushing my weight up until I get my 1RM equivalent to 225, and slowly drop bf...
The problem is that the yes/no proportions on that between men and women don't match up.
Mark, KC, how much do you guys weigh/how tall?
People drink pepsi by choice?
good start.
Mine went up 50% but I didn't lose it. My mom, however, did. That has to count for something.
I assume you meant this, especially if you posted this at 8AM (not sure of your time zone)
Umm spoiler alert?
Harvey and Fang, can't you both be happy being wealthy and just get along?
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