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Trip to NYC in early December is off. My wife added a day to her request that was put in months ago, at which time her boss told her that he was already going to be out that weekend so it was a no go. Why she wasn't told as soon as he knew he was taking the weekend, I don't know. Luckily everything we've booked is refundable, but this is the third year this trip hasn't happened (she changed jobs so it is not the same boss).
Strong is a pretty good app that I've been using since September. My old app was great, basically a notebook that remembered the name of your exercises, but it was no longer supported with IOS 7. Strong takes a little thought up front to set it up, but it has worked for me doing a 3 day split.
That is awful. My condolences...
Apparently Verizon now charges $30 for upgrading your phone. Just got hit with this 2 months after I upgraded. The agitation in my voice must have been obvious, because customer service quickly removed it. Annoying that they would add a charge without notice, when just a few years ago an upgrade used to come with a $100 discount.
While this can be true, the table of Alabama fans next to me was 8 of the ugliest fattest loudest women you've ever seen. One woman needed 2 chairs.
Made the mistake of going out to watch VT and Miami, and forgot that Alabama and LSU were playing. Jesus it's like a competition to see whose fans are bigger rednecks.
And vaccines.
I ALMOST asked for a sock check on Rudals yesterday too.
+1. The women all have great breasts.
1 hour and 40 minute commute, 1 hour longer than normal because of rain.
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