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The party of compassion.
I like when radio disc jockeys say "Well they aren't related but they Doo-bie Brothers!" when they intro a Doobie Brothers song. I also enjoyed when Rerun was caught bootlegging their concert.
Specifically the Peal & Co cordovan. $738 when they were new last fall to $998 now.
I went to a Frank Harmon lecture last month, and he talked about these sort of overly serious descriptions in architecture. He picked descriptions written about AIA Virginia award winning projects, and the rewrote them. One talked about "the warmth and organic nature of the materials used in entry sequence of the building served to reinforce the company's corporate image", and his rewrite was something like "we used evenly spaced 2"x2" reclaimed oak to clad the walls in...
and they were $79 the year before.
Check your Canadian privilege.There are Native Americans who are ok with the Washington Redskins mascot too.
The cordovan shoes that BB has carried for years are Alden, but the cordovan shoes with the Peal & Co. label are all made in England, and I believe they are all...
So, we can discriminate against those with scoliosis at least?
Does anyone know the maker of these chuka boots? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Unstructured-Suede-Chuka-Boots/MH00496,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00496_Color=DKBR&contentpos=9&cgid=0522 They are made in the USA, and the details, nail heel pattern, and price match the Alden unlined chuka, but they don't have the flex welt.
No, the right is obviously the vast majority of fundamentalist religious nuts - that's why the fact that she is a Democrat is at least as interesting as her 4 marriages. But her multiple marriages make her a hypocrite, and by extension it makes the religious right hypocrites. That's why my news feed has been clogged with people posting the multitude of stories about her multiple marriages. Her being a Democrat is equally interesting and unexpected from someone so strongly...
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