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I've got some good Raleigh food recommendations if you're interested.
Yep, you can get them at this outlet
I have noticed the country of origin tends to equate to these differences. Milano made in Italy fits me well and has a great, super soft shoulder, while Milano made in USA has too much wadding in the sleeve head and the front quarters are too closed. Sport coats from Thailand run shorter, so much so that I wear a regular instead of a short.
What are your feelings on "exactamundo"?
That's why you'll all have to wear a maple leaf patch sewn on your clothing.
This should have been posted in the "things that are making you happy" thread.
Or skin AND bone related.
B's Barbeque. Get there early, they close after they sell out for the day - sometimes as early as 10AM. Here's one of the many articles about the place.
Excellent, it is a tangy vinegar and pepper sauce. Are you headed to the Outer Banks? There is a world class hole in the wall BBQ place between I-95 and the beach if you are driving down.
Eastern Carolina style or go to hell.
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