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He's that guy from the Weezer song "In the Garage."
I always figured you were a member of "The Greatest Generation."
I'm not one to get overexcited about bacon, and it has been overused in everything as of late, but this stuff is awesome.
Scene from the apartment (sorry I'm 2 days late).
Go get yourself measured so you'll know your size instead of guessing.
I've watched a dozen episodes of the Simpsons already during this marathon.
Only one way to find out...
I found out yesterday that my first day at the new job coincides with the office summer outing, so my first three days at "work" will be spent at beach house on a coastal island in NC. My only concerns are that I haven't spent a day on the beach and not gotten drunk in many years, and I'm not sure I want to meet my new coworkers in my Orlebar Brown trunks (they show quite a bit of man thigh).
New Posts  All Forums: