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Came home after a long run last night and left my keys in the door all night. What a moron. Lucky we live in a safe neighborhood, but it's also very active, so I'm sure neighbors walking their dogs this morning saw my bone head move.
Someone on a message board my wife visits was frantically looking for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle because she used all of her husband's while making cookies, not realizing what it was. I am happy that I am not married to that woman, and that my wife found it funny enough to tell me about it.
According to wikipedia, a grinder is called a poor boy in STL. Any truth to that?
Fuck mattress shopping. And the guys at SleepForum were no help (though I may have been in the street sleep subforum instead of classic sleep).
College roommates having inconsiderate sex, eating other people's food, and having violent confrontations? I find this hard to believe.
You obviously need to grease someone.
So this happened today...
More sad than pissed off, but 1 month without HB and his particular brand of humor.
She didn't disfigure her face - she just finally finished eating that lemon.
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