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I made the comment because she was elected as a Democrat, and it seems to be buried in every story.
Was Bin Laden a Democrat too?
No, strip club buffet.
I went out with the girl that cut my hair about 7 years ago, and a few months later she got engaged. The last three or four times I went to her, her fiancé "just happened" to be there getting his hair cut as well, and he would stare at me like a psychopath from the seating area while I got my hair cut. I felt bad for the guy.
I will too now.
Our bathroom sink's drain has been getting progressively slower, and last Friday the drain slowed to a crawl. On Saturday I emptied out all the junk in the cabinet, drained and removed the p-trap, cleaned the trap, then spent 45 minutes feeding a snake down the drain pipe, with no results. Frustrated I threw in the towel for the day, and came back to it this evening. I'd read up on what the next steps might be, but figured I should try plugging the overflow and using a...
Sorry, the correct pB answer was "Who is Caitlyn Jenner?"
"Well the jerk store called, and they're running out of YOU!"
At some point my last address was listed as a business address and the USPS said they were unable to change my address to a residential one. I had to go through and manually update everything with each company, and then go by the old apartment to get the few things that trickle in once a month or so. Such a PITA.
New Posts  All Forums: