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I stopped by the local watering hole after an outdoor concert with my wife, and the bartender pulls out a 20 y.o. bottle of Pappy 20 and pours me 2 fingers. 40 years of deliciousness on the house.
I thought you preferred Johnny cakes, as long as they came from your favorite diner.
1 - Yes, they do make a quality product that represents the Edward name.2 - They are located in Surry, VA and have a retail store in Williamsburg, VA, but you can order online at www.edwardsvaham.com. Their Surryano ham is another great one to try.3 - I like slicing off different sizes based on the use.4 - It will keep in the refrigerator for 4 weeks. Once that gets close, I'll just slice up the remainder into separate servings and freeze them.5 -
Styleforum will soon be the first result when you google provel. So. Many. Provel. References.
Ah so middle class folks can afford to go out to eat. Makes sense.
How, in 2014, are people still going into a Starbucks with no clue what they want, no clue how to order, and no clue how a line works?
He's that guy from the Weezer song "In the Garage."
I always figured you were a member of "The Greatest Generation."
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