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College roommates having inconsiderate sex, eating other people's food, and having violent confrontations? I find this hard to believe.
You obviously need to grease someone.
So this happened today...
More sad than pissed off, but 1 month without HB and his particular brand of humor.
She didn't disfigure her face - she just finally finished eating that lemon.
An intoxicated girl is the best chance you have, and even then you'll be chasing that razor thin margin of "drunk enough to sleep with Kira but not drunk enough to have alcohol poisoning."
I've been looking for a walk behind mower for the new house, and I just found out that John Deere no longer makes them for the US market. How am I supposed to live the American dream?
He finally broke free - he's waiting for you in Zihuatanejo.
So... gomestar is Howard Stern?
New Posts  All Forums: