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I've got a coworker who was hired because he had a large range of experience in multiple different programs that we use. So far, every time I have tried to use him to take some of the workload off my plate (the reason he was hired was to help with some of the production volume so I and a few others could focus more on the design side) he has met me with slack-jawed bewilderment. He doesn't know how to use multiple programs that he has claimed proficiency in, and I often...
"You should meet my friend Conne, you two would totally hit it off."
Since when are bars of any kind SF unapproved?
His groveling apologies were worse than what he actually said, IMO.
Terrible, toothy blow jobs.
Justice would be those three getting arrested for trespassing and trying to see the game for free.
It isn't a real robot?
I had not seen it mentioned, but does anyone else find it offputting that the actor now playing the Mountain is 20 years younger than the actor playing the Hound, his younger brother?
Some men you just can't reach.
Trader Joe's English Coastal Cheddar is good stuff (and cheap), you should give that a try. Or just go to Murray's and tell them that you hate cheddar and would like to try something that will change your mind.
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