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I knew that, and yet I completely forgot it when I made that joke.
Yesterday was my cat's birthday and the bakery misspelled the cake. And there wasn't time to have it redone.
Tell that fat shaming screener that weight and blood pressure aren't measures of health.
Thanks for the response, I think I'm going to call my insurance company and if this won't effect my rate, then go ahead and just pay it and take online driving school. I know it was allowed in VA before, I took it in high school.
I know, but I'm not actually a cheap fuck, and my feelings were hurt so I lashed out.
Its not about the ticket, its about whether it will affect my car insurance, but I wouldn't expect a subway hopping philistine to think of that.
So I started my morning with a speeding ticket (49 in a 35). Any of our resident lawyers care to weigh in if it is worth it for me to go to court, or just pay the ticket? I haven't had a speeding ticket in 14 years and an accident in 10 years if that makes any difference.
+1. I have people question why I would put work into a place I was renting, but the way I have always looked at it is that a long weekend of work is worth 363 days living in a better apartment, even if I don't stand to benefit financially. If you enjoy the work, then it is much more than an investment to entice future buyers.
As conditions began to deteriorate at my current job earlier this year, I realized that I needed to make a change sooner rather than later when the change may be made for me. I've spent the past few months staying late at work pulling information together and editing images and learning how to format a portfolio website, and I have finally gotten the website to a point with which I am happy. And just in time for a great position to open up that I am totally qualified for...
New Posts  All Forums: