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It is quite easy to get dehydrated when you just constantly sweat.
[HRoi]Did you get banged in the rear end?[HRoi]
Finished digging one of three french drains I need to solve my water issues in my basement and garage. Also got a new post set for a replacement gate as part of the process.
Can't we at least give this kid credit for his trigger discipline?
I worked for ~9months in construction during the recession while I was between architecture jobs. One of the guys I worked with was an amazing woodworker but also a degenerate drunk. We made this base for a pedestal sink and I told him he should sign the base before we installed it because it was so beautiful, so he signed it- [[SPOILER]]
This reminds me - I order a few books from Amazon last Saturday. Two were coming from Amazon and one from a private seller in California. I don't use Amazon too often so I don't have prime, but I didn't need the books quickly anyway. The private seller's book got here this afternoon, the 2 from amazon just shipped today, expected to arrive next Thursday. Why the hell does it take a week to package 2 small books for shipping? Do they actually slow down processing to push...
They fit slim and short (like the milano) but the construction is very nice. I'm a 38S so the 38R actually fits really well. Beautiful fabrics and great natural shoulder construction. I've got 2 sport coats and a suit, and they are some of my favorites.
I saw that in North Carolina - a piece of cardboard with marker scrawled on it "PLATES APPLIED 4". There were also 4 pairs of Jordans on display in the back window (2 on either side of the sign). This was 10+ years ago and I still remember it vividly as making no sense.
Truly sorry to hear that Ed.
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