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You liked the Alewerks Bourbon Barrel Porter? It had the peaty nose of a scotch, and not in a good way. The aftertaste made it a chore to drink. I did not find it enjoyable at all, and I have liked most of what Alewerks has produced. Perhaps though I just got an "off" bottle
+1. A few months back I couldn't break 275 off the ground, this week I did 1x5x305 and felt great.
Wonderful news MrG!
Easy with the medical jargon. We're not all doctors here.
Sorry to hear that MrG, I can't imagine the stress.
So I posted 2 months ago about approaching my boss about a raise, and the timing being bad because we laid someone off the day before. At the time I wasn't sure if it was a financially driven decision or not, but I though ti best to give it some distance and ask when I had delivered a bigger project I have been working on. So I did that, and delivered it to a client who was thrilled with the work last week. Yesterday my boss would be back so I decided I'll approach him at...
It is a line item discount so I don't think that would work. Best case, a SA may apply it to one of the suits for $1700, but I wouldn't count on it.
Now you're just setting people up on purpose.
I've been cooking 3-4 lbs of frozen chicken breasts (2 hours on high, 6-8 hours on low with plenty of water in the cooker) and shredding it immediately after it is done. Then I just split that into 5 containers, and divided 5 cups of cooked rice and 2 cans of black beans between the 5 containers. Add a separate ziplock bag of chipotle sauce to each and it is lunch for the week. Super easy, tastes good, and hits my numbers.
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