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The upside is you'll have the last laugh when a prankster calls and asks if your refrigerator is running.
Speaking of Kennedy... JFK picture on side of Dallas tour bus draws ire, threats
I managed to get my wife up and out of the house early and headed across the water to run some errands. We went to see my tailor and have my Harris Tweed altered, got coffee from my favorite coffee place, and then went and had a great fried chicken biscuit from a new place I've wanted to try for a few months. We visited the new (to me) exhibit at the Chrysler Museum, picked up some running shoes, then a bunch of fall release beers. Then we finished the day off with a walk...
Thanks to HB the theme song to "Quincy M.E." has been stuck in my head all fucking day.
Another satisfied customer!
You don't need a dishwasher if all you're washing is a dozen martini glasses and a mustard knife.
So am I, but at least ECU didn't take us to the woodshed like they did to UNC. That was a massacre.
I'm really hoping we can. Last week seems like a bad dream.
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