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I shit my pants while out for a run last year. Where's my parade?!?
As long as you buy Why a rock coat.
Scott Walker.
Two Nine-Year-Olds’ Magnificent Open Letter to Disney About Racial and Gender StereotypesAnd here is the letter-
my pi pizzaThis place just set up shop near my house. Good pizza and good beer selection, and they're set up like a Chipotle or similar fast casual place. Though they only have a few locations at the moment.
Christopher Simmonds ArchitectVal-des-Monts, QC J0X, Canada2014 [[SPOILER]]
I came here about 2 years ago to complain about my wife's cat coming to live with us, her not wanting to declaw him, and my worry about him destroying all of my stuff, plus I just did not like cats. Fast forward to today and he is my best bud, we hang out together, play fetch, he sits halfway on my shoulder like a parrot when we watch TV. I'm also so glad we didn't declaw after reading how painful it would be. We put nail caps on him and all of our stuff has remained...
Yeah, and it hurts as bad as my leg today.Ugh, don't say that. Although it was a pretty deep gash and it was hard to tell if it would close up well with just stitches, so it seemed like an ER job.
Old, and it was. The pipe wraps had been removed before we bought it, and the few remaining areas were encapsulated and removed.
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