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I use 20 minute oil pulling baths - just a bath tub filled with oil, none of the toxins in soap.
I got back yesterday to find my offer letter waiting for me, and gave notice today. Better work, better hours, better compensation, and my 50 mile daily commute just became 1000 feet.
I saw that story on TV and when I realized in was in St. Louis I looked for a man of pink pants in the mob but did not see you, then I figured you must already have a television set so no need to join the ruckus.
Heading out to LA with my wife for the week for a wedding and some relaxing, and my formal offer for my new job should be waiting in my mailbox when I return.
For the first time in many years, all of my inboxes are showing zero unread emails, and I weeded through the worst mailbox and brought the archive down from over 20,000 to less than 500. A feeling of zen.
Congrats on my new sig!
Not true, the worst lie you can tell is that you have cancer, and then try to get people to donate money that you'll just use for vacation to some island.
Does this mean your mind was betaken with thoughts of semen?
Had a friend who is a lawyer come with me for my speeding ticket, got traffic school and dismissed, then got to spend the rest of the day hanging out, visiting an art museum, a local bike shop, and a few stores in the neighborhood before settling into a bar down the street and reading the paper. Nice low key Friday.
Was that picture taken on a subway platform?
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