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It was up there, but the pay was decent for a 16 y.o. and it was an evening job so I could surf/skate during the day. That was actually one of my favorite summers.
I worked at a long distance carrier call center in high school, and our boss told us we could add a title for ourselves in the sales pitch, as long as it sounded reasonable. Cut to a week later and 3 guys in my group introducing themselves as the president of the company on cold calls.
Flipper? I know him as James...My grandparents were/are around the same age. My grandmother is pretty far along with alzheimer's, and I just lost my grandfather, who had rapidly advancing dementia, last month. The glimmers of who they were before that pop up help to overcome the moments when they don't know you. My grandfather was always a really stylish dresser, and he would always light up and tell me how sharp I looked when I went to see him. Those sort of sparks make...
Went out for drinks last night and ordered a burger medium rare. The waitress says "our cooks overcook things so if you want medium rare you should order rare." Yes, that sounds like the best way to fix this problem
Quality first post 10/10.
Forecasting 8-12" of snow tonight, which means most of my coworkers (and our 2 consultants) working on a project that goes out Friday will most likely be out on Thursday. I live less than a mile from the office, so I'll be able to walk in regardless, but losing 24 man hours at the final push will make this delivery difficult.
Bad news l'inc, just read that David Cross said that STL is the most humorless city in America. David Cross Hates St. Louis Because of One Terrible Show at SLU in 2001 If you already knew, I apologize for reopening what I'm sure is a painful wound.
When I was a youngster my friends and I used to make my younger brother drive us around while we blasted "Renegade" and threw beer bottles at telephone polls. It was a simpler time.
Glad to see Alewerks getting some love here. They are about 25 minutes from my house easily my favorite local brewery. I've never had one of their special releases that wasn't really impressive.
Is pap schmear acceptable if you're a jewish gyno?
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