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They fit slim and short (like the milano) but the construction is very nice. I'm a 38S so the 38R actually fits really well. Beautiful fabrics and great natural shoulder construction. I've got 2 sport coats and a suit, and they are some of my favorites.
I saw that in North Carolina - a piece of cardboard with marker scrawled on it "PLATES APPLIED 4". There were also 4 pairs of Jordans on display in the back window (2 on either side of the sign). This was 10+ years ago and I still remember it vividly as making no sense.
Truly sorry to hear that Ed.
You didn't think Corey Stoll had been at the fundraiser at first?
The local Total Wine mistakenly put out their allotment of KBS today instead of April 1 - I was able to grab 4 bottles before they took it off the floor. Hopeful for another 4 on April 1!
RIP Mayor Ford
A few recent bottles O'Connor Brewing - Jamestown Island Old Ale - Barrel aged and better than any of the special releases I've had from them.Wish I had gotten 4 for aging. Dogfish Head - Miles Davis' Bitches Brew - Not sure why I took so long to try this one. Lickinghole Creek - Heir Apparent - Not my favorite Mexican spiced stout, but very good. Would have like more pepper. Stone - Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout - Great chocolate taste without any cloying...
Babylon is a great restaurant/nightlife spot. The owner originally opened Mosaic Wine Bar, my favorite haunt when I lived there. Any of the Ashely Christensen restaurants are great, though I can recommend Poole's Diner, Beasley's Chicken and Honey, and Fox Liquor Bar from experience. Death & Taxes and Bridge Club are also well regarded, though I haven't been yet. Downtown night life is Glenwood Avenue (south Glenwood for more club atmosphere) or Fayetteville Street. Please...
I've got some good Raleigh food recommendations if you're interested.
Yep, you can get them at this outlet
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