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Riding out the rain and constant jackhammering outside my window with a book at a coffee shop down the street. So far they've played through albums from 2 of my favorite artists, and I managed to snag one of the good leather chairs.
I thought it was passover related.
There has been emergency road construction across the street from my place since 11 last night. The jackhammer hasn't stopped in the last 10 hours for more than 5 minutes.
Raleigh is not NYC, but it isn't really a quiet town either.
Anyone in this thread near Williamsburg VA and interested in checking out the new tap room at Alewerks?
Thanks conceptionist, that is what I was looking for. I'm going to stay with the current plan until the end of the month and if I can't break through on bench I'll give this a try.
I guess I should have been more specific. My bench still lags behind the other lifts, and I haven't been doing this new routine long enough to know if it will work. I'm not one to be impatient, I stuck with SS for close to 2 years, I just don't want to spin my wheels if others have been down this road and have the experience to say if this is a good course of action or if something might work better.
Switched from SS to a variation of Greyskull LPabout a month ago and it has helped move my squat and deadlift up. Here is the current setup- Mon, Fri - workout A squats - warm up, 1x5@100%, 2x5@80% bench - warm up, 3x5 curl - 3x10 incline db bench - 3x10 incline cable fly - 3x10 seated db curl - 3x10 Wed - workout B deadlift - warm up, 1x5@100%, 2x5@80% standing ohp - warm up, 3x5 bent over rows - warm up, 3x5 chin up - 3x10 ab work I still do squats and dl first on...
I think the issue is making the joke and then doubling down when you realize you've offended someone.
Jesus, has everyone on SF finally synched up on their cycle? What is with the foul mood?
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