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Do you know a local architect that you like/trust? I would ask them for recommendations. A lot of people come to my firm looking for small houses or additions and it really isn't economical for us, so we will refer them to a GC we have worked with who does small scale projects and has a good design sensibility as well as a reputation for quality timely work.
No, they are aluminum. He said it right there.
Thanks, I thought they had taken that down. How do you (or anyone else) find the fit when compared to Madison, Regent, and Milano?
I'm sure this has been covered somewhere but BB no longer has the sizing guide for black fleece on the website. Anyone have a recommendation on what size would fit comparably to a small in the regent fit?
My grandfather built a brick house in the 1950s and the builder discouraged him from insulating the walls because the price of oil was so low that the cost of insulating was not worth it.
Is there a fabric book online for overcoats for 2016? Currently I only see 2013 and 2014 on the info page Overcoats
Cream Herringbone Sport Coat I plan on picking up this jacket. Already 70% off, plus an additional 25%. And if I can grab a gift card a discount it'll drive it down even more. The Natural Craftsmanship stuff fits slim, almost like milano fit, so keep that in mind. But they are very well made. I already have the blue and red jacket below and it is a favorite of mine. Blue and Red Plaid Sport Coat
Do you have sonos driving outdoor speakers or sonos as an input in a receiver that drives the speakers? Also, how reliable is sonos/does it cut out at all? Thinking of going with them for the whole house and yard, some songs speakers and some to existing receivers.
A little over a month ago, a cat showed up on our back porch and did not leave. We waited 4 days to feed him, but he has been steadfast in his decision that this is where he wants to live. We named him Rocky Balboa because he is a big bruiser with huge paws, but he's still very sweet. He has been extremely friendly and I've grown attached to him, but I've still looked at him as a wild cat that could up and leave at any time. Tonight I came home late after an event where I...
The climate is a few degrees cooler.
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