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OSU's Miller Out For Year
I got the malware attempt as well, and on an unrelated note, today my subscriptions aren't showing up in chronological order.
I mean that they drank mimosas and mint juleps all day while wearing sun dresses and big hats.Perhaps you have a different personal definition of "getting loaded," but I've always known it to mean getting drunk.
They can, my wife got loaded at a horse race with her friends.
Yeah avoiding those two will help tremendously.As far as sub-10 seasons, I think Bowden got 5 or 6 before FSU finally made a change, but I don't think Beamer will get that many. Beamer had the record of consecutive 10 win seasons (I think), so there is a certain expectation. I had forgotten until recently though that VT was 8-4 in 2001 and 8-5 in 2003, and then went on to win the ACC in 2004. I hope he can pull together a solid season to finally leave on, for his sake and...
It will likely be more of the same from the last 2 years. The QB position is still unsettled and I don't know of any big play makers on offense. We do have a relatively easy schedule though, so we may do alright. Just a lot of unknowns right now.
Has the store where you purchase your byrrh managed to stay safe from looters?
Virginia Tech, dark horse.
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