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I've been looking for a walk behind mower for the new house, and I just found out that John Deere no longer makes them for the US market. How am I supposed to live the American dream?
He finally broke free - he's waiting for you in Zihuatanejo.
So... gomestar is Howard Stern?
You mean he ate his wife's box at his office.[/HRoi]
Check your photic sneeze reflex privilege.
Bolded is where the story fell apart.
Not sure if I mentioned it here, but back in August a house went on the market that I was very interested in. It is walking distance from my office and my favorite bar, a block from the water in a wonderful historic neighborhood, and perhaps most importantly, belonged to my great grandparents for 60 years, until they sold it 25 years ago. It is also a kick ass house with a great little yard and the perfect deck for entertaining. Well, as of yesterday, it now belongs to me...
"Utz are better than nuts!"
I took a shit in Rome that the Italian toilet couldn't flush, had to let it sit for a day. America, fuck yeah!You shit less frequently than I cut my fingernails.In high school someone broke into my car in a hotel parking lot. They stole an old basketball and left $3k worth of golf clubs sitting on the back seat.
New Posts  All Forums: