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Even if you had an exceptionally cavernous vagina, you'd probably still need to rent a truck. They don't hold as much as you'd expect.
Do the eyes' eyes have eyes? How deep does this go?
Have we finally found your line?
Had a really great interview with a great firm that does much better work than my current firm for better money that is walking distance to my house (instead of my current commute of an hour or more each way). Feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.
I can't hear the name Syncere without hearing the phrase "now taking the stage" before it.
I have a FB friend who just announced her unborn daughter's name - Syncere.
Yes, it has invaded my FB wall as well. Why anyone would brag about being from my hometown, I do not know.
I knew that, and yet I completely forgot it when I made that joke.
Yesterday was my cat's birthday and the bakery misspelled the cake. And there wasn't time to have it redone.
New Posts  All Forums: