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My mom told me her freshman dorm was originally a male dorm and they changed it to female that year, so the communal restrooms all still had urinals. One of the girls thought they were hair washing stations if you didn't want to take a full shower, and tried to use it that way at least once.
My brother's dog was hit by a car last night after getting out of the backyard. He was the sweetest chocolate lab, and was so good with my toddler niece and nephew. He's my younger brother, so I always have a hard time when he's hurting and there's nothing I can do to help him.
It is quite easy to get dehydrated when you just constantly sweat.
[HRoi]Did you get banged in the rear end?[HRoi]
Finished digging one of three french drains I need to solve my water issues in my basement and garage. Also got a new post set for a replacement gate as part of the process.
Can't we at least give this kid credit for his trigger discipline?
I worked for ~9months in construction during the recession while I was between architecture jobs. One of the guys I worked with was an amazing woodworker but also a degenerate drunk. We made this base for a pedestal sink and I told him he should sign the base before we installed it because it was so beautiful, so he signed it- [[SPOILER]]
This reminds me - I order a few books from Amazon last Saturday. Two were coming from Amazon and one from a private seller in California. I don't use Amazon too often so I don't have prime, but I didn't need the books quickly anyway. The private seller's book got here this afternoon, the 2 from amazon just shipped today, expected to arrive next Thursday. Why the hell does it take a week to package 2 small books for shipping? Do they actually slow down processing to push...
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