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This post reminded me that I wanted a stag handle for a Mach 3 cartridge. I did a quick search and found this stellar DIY project.DIY: THE DEER ANTLER RAZORLooks like iroh got a new camera.
No, which is why we didn't stop the car.
I went with my wife to Target for the Lilly Pulitzer release. It was like Black Friday for basic bitches. I do not get it.
Watch out, this could get you in trouble.
Went and bought some new outdoor furniture today on the way home from Baltimore. I went to assemble it tonight and some piece of shit had bought it, drilled a 1 1/2" hole in the center to use an umbrella, and then returned it. Now I have a fucked up table that I bought 2 hours away.
I've wanted the Jens bench as a landing place for our front entry for awhile.
A friend in high school did this for a year and wrecked his back.
I just endorsed you for "whimsy" on L'InkedIn.
+1. I've got a friend that constantly posts things from IFLS, and I had a physics class with him. He did not fucking love science, he fucking loved cutting class and smoking weed in the woods behind the football field.
I assume these two posts are related.
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