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So am I, but at least ECU didn't take us to the woodshed like they did to UNC. That was a massacre.
I'm really hoping we can. Last week seems like a bad dream.
Never change.
How about I make it look truly tacky, and inscribe it with the "best" UnnamedPlayer posts in this thread?The condition it is in now won't bring in much unless I do some work on the finish. I think what I'll do is clean up the top and put it in our new place, then decided if it still feels too tall (new living room is larger). FWIW I've had a few people over and asked them for one criticism of the table, and it was always the height.
Went to the store to get bread, turkey, and cheese, came home to make a sandwich and there's no goddamn mustard.
Question for the experts here - I was able to get a 1960s Jens Risom walnut coffee table from my previous employer for dirt cheap. The top is in need of refinishing, and I find it a bit too high for a coffee table. The top measures 54"x22" and sits 20" off the ground. 18" would work much better with my couch and chairs, and with the couch I plan to get in the next few years. The question is, if I am already going to be refinishing it, would it be sacrileges or just stupid...
12 minutes of bed shitting by VT. Jesus.
I stopped by the local watering hole after an outdoor concert with my wife, and the bartender pulls out a 20 y.o. bottle of Pappy 20 and pours me 2 fingers. 40 years of deliciousness on the house.
I thought you preferred Johnny cakes, as long as they came from your favorite diner.
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