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Christopher Simmonds ArchitectVal-des-Monts, QC J0X, Canada2014 [[SPOILER]]
I came here about 2 years ago to complain about my wife's cat coming to live with us, her not wanting to declaw him, and my worry about him destroying all of my stuff, plus I just did not like cats. Fast forward to today and he is my best bud, we hang out together, play fetch, he sits halfway on my shoulder like a parrot when we watch TV. I'm also so glad we didn't declaw after reading how painful it would be. We put nail caps on him and all of our stuff has remained...
Yeah, and it hurts as bad as my leg today.Ugh, don't say that. Although it was a pretty deep gash and it was hard to tell if it would close up well with just stitches, so it seemed like an ER job.
Old, and it was. The pipe wraps had been removed before we bought it, and the few remaining areas were encapsulated and removed.
We had a decommissioned boiler in our basement when we moved in. We worked to take out all the pipes and baseboard heaters when we refinished the floors but we left pipes and the boiler in the basement. I had to take out some pipes to run electrical lines in a chase, so I decided to go ahead and get everything cleaned up down there. I got all the pipes out last weekend, and got the boiler disconnected this morning, then spent hours trying to disassemble it because it...
McDonald's may not be healthy, but the FBI never had to confiscate Ronald's computers either.
My next door neighbors moved out of state and put their house up for sale in January. We are new here so I had only met them once and didn't remember their names or have their contact info. No one has been taking care of the yard so I had been cutting the front just so I didn't have to look at it. The backyard, however, has not been cut and has turned into an overgrown meadow. I was worried about vermin, and I assumed the realtor was supposed to be taking care of the yard,...
Cat Stevens' "Tea for the Tillerman" came out in November 1970. I wonder if "Miles from Nowhere" could be the opening song? Too literal?
That was Peggy's bookend. The first episode was her sheepishly going into Sterling Cooper for her first day of work. It ends with her first day at McCann, walking in as her fully formed self.
This post reminded me that I wanted a stag handle for a Mach 3 cartridge. I did a quick search and found this stellar DIY project.DIY: THE DEER ANTLER RAZORLooks like iroh got a new camera.
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