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Here are the massive Peal and Co wingtips I recently purchased from Brooks Brothers. Thoughts?
What I'd really like to find is a Ricard in a 6.5 (preferably on sale).. but alas, it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
Any thoughts on wearing a wingtip like this casually? With denim or chinos? Thanks!
screw the jacket.. I wanna know who Lil Wayne's dentist is
Quote: Originally Posted by changeofpace Tips on sizing for this? I wear a US 8.5. They had a UK 7 at the store in LA, on Melrose, it was too big for me. I think a UK 6.5 would have worked, but I couldn't be entirely sure, since they didn't have any smaller sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Regardless I think $223 is a good price for a C&J Wingtip Blucher in Grain. Id much rather have these for that price than the Black fleece alden pebble grains at $300. Anyone agree? I might cancel my BB order If I can get my hands on these. I just ordered the Peal and Co wingtip from BB last night. I just might have to follow-up on this RL deal. Although I like the dark walnut of the Peal and Co...
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