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Quote: Originally Posted by wttm If you are going for the cut/fit because you want some NS without the tapered then thats fine but if you are going for selvage/raw, might as well shell out for APCs with a discount code. Trust me, you'll be happier and more satisfied in the long run IMO. The reason why I said this is because I haven't been happy with indiglo jeans from mall brands (h&m, gap). They bleed waaaaaaaay too easiliy and they look like crap after...
Look pretty good.. I wonder how much they will stretch.
I bought an Omega Seamaster automatic about 10 years ago, still running strong. Never had to have it serviced, continues to look great.. and I haven't exactly been gentle with it. I can easily see it lasting a lifetime, if not longer. On the other hand I also have a vice for constantly buying cheap watches... but they never have the staying power of the Omega. If you're going to shell out some good cash for a nice watch, get something timeless and classy.
Those are fantastic shoes.. awesome purchase.
Would it be possible to get neck sizes as well?
I went with a blucher wingtip for my chino and oxford California business casual look.. it's pretty chunky shoe so I wear it with jeans too. They were on sale in Dec: Personally I think that balmoral might be a little too dressy, but I'm no expert. Checkout the RL wingtip too.
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo Which model did you get? I had a classic model and it just didn't fit me right. After talking to Sterlingwear I was told the authentic has a different cut, they say the arm holes are higher, the coat is a little longer in the sleeves and in the length of the coat. My authentic should be here by friday... I sized down (I'm a 38s got a 36s). We'll see if it's too small. I'd like to be able to use it for years to come,...
I picked up a OCBD for $60 at Barneys.. slimmer cut than J.Crew, Rugby, etc.. better quality too.
Zara - slim fit shirts work for my skinny neck and long arms, quality is pretty decent for the cost H&M - occasionally, but their quality is rather dreadful
probably the other way around for me.. I became really serious about my cycling.. it's an amazing way to stay healthy and keep the pounds off. I'm pretty much in the process of skinnying down my wardrobe at the moment, and thanks to SF getting it right (I hope). The motivation to stay skinny is very great, if I gain 5lbs I notice a performance hit.. and my jeans don't fit so well anymore.. only trade-off, no skinny jeans, monster thighs don't like.
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