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Quote: Originally Posted by KenN Slightly off topic. Does anyone know how to deal with the yellowing of collars and sleeves on white shirts? This is the one item that deters me from ownership. Take it to the cleaners... they seem to work wonders on my whites.
sounds like someone still has some attachment issues..
Another option is Benjamin Bixby.. I know, there are some haters, but the OCBD is actually quite nice. Cut is slimmer than my Rugby with slightly longer sleeves, and the construction is on a whole different level, but you're stuck with the Andre 3000 affiliation. They can be had for cheap now.. I scored a blue one about a month ago for $60. had them for $48 (all gone now).
Has anyone else noticed how similar the RRL Oxford is to the Rugby University oxford? I bought a Rugby OCBD and had the sides taken in, now a much better fit.. but it too long to be worn untucked (and probably a little too pricey for what it is).
I wear a 15 34/35 in a measured dress shirt and find the medium BR shirt neck too big and the sleeves too short. Zara shirts fit me almost perfectly, which seem to fit exactly like a Paul Smith shirt I have. On the other hand, I find the new spring / summer blazer and sport coats are pretty nice, slim with decent waist suppression. Of course the sleeves are too short for my monkey long arms, but at least the tailor can fix.
Maison Martin Margiela brown sport coat $250 (75% off) PS Paul Smith hounds tooth shirt $70 (75% off) Crate Hamilton jeans $60 Piece of crap Cheap Monday gray sport coat form Urban Outfitters (it has potential):
Quote: Originally Posted by Luddite That afternoon, the story goes, the partner emailed his team, starting: "You won't believe what the wanker I had lunch with was wearing..." The finalist who wore a well fitting black suit got a job offer. I think the black suit is also an interview faux pas.. at least, given the cut, it's much more subtle than the above mentioned purple tie and square. Seriously though, this isn't rocket science, if you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni I am trying to decide between a pair of #8 Chukka with all weather walking sole or Shell Black Chukka with the commando sole (getting these discounted for around 370 so these are my only options). Which one would you guys recommend? Also, I was going to size down 1/2 size -- that sound right? I want that #8 Chukka.. do tell where you are getting this deal.
Are you interviewing for Sterling Cooper? .. then NO
Apple store...
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