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I have my eye on this, but it cotton: Band of Outsiders: I'm also looking for some light nylon jacket along these lines. Probably have to wait a little longer for the spring collections to start arriving in stores.
WTF.. I don't understand why people ask these kinds of questions here?! Go f'in train harder and lose that weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by brandall10 Software Engineer. Even though most are devoid of it and you wouldn't be able to tell.... it's truly a profession where anything goes, even in some of the most corporate environments. I 2nd that.. but I constantly get shit for "dressing up" at work (not that I care), and I'm not even dressed up.. since when is wearing a nice white shirt, tucked it into some jeans that fit properly, with some nice shoes,...
OK.. I'm in. Need to hold off until there is a critical mass of new spring stuff available anyway.
Does anyone know if this SS '09 Band of Outsiders Nylon Jacket is out? You guys like? Who should I check with in LA? vs this APC Jacket: I'm thinking I need a new light jacket for spring, that could be dressed up a little, with a skinny tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint how much have you worn them? mine did that for a little while until they softened up. I've had them about 6 weeks, wear 3 times a week.. so around 18 times. They feel like they've broken in enough. The cheap-o thinness of leather does a horrible job of distributing the pressure of the laces. Maybe wider laces would help?
These Carks desert boots hurt the tops of my feet.. the laces dig into that bony protrusion on the top of my foot. There aren't many options with different lace patterns. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I dig the new album (Tonight), a lot. They did a great job of moving towards a more dance oriented rock sound, bass driven, 4/4 disco beat, less guitar driven, good use of synths.. while still keeping their Franz Ferdinand sound, and not deviating into some cheese-ball disco rock. Favorite new release of the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy From what I see around here, Zara's line is slowly creeping into the Euro disco look with shiny fabrics, super tight fit, etc... the old Zara look is now the new Massimo Dutti look. Took the words out of my mouth. Not sure what they are thinking. A new store opened very close to my house, the slim cut works very well for my build.. but I've only ever bought 2 shirts from them, across multiple vists. Most...
Has anyone deliberated between these two Chukkas? I'm torn between them. If I had to get one Chukka, for a more casual look, which should I get. They would be mostly worn with chinos or jeans, but occasionally nicer trousers. vs
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