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As with many things, you pay for quality, and this is especially true with coffee grinders. Some links: Quality grinders start at around $300ish. Rancilio Rocky. Check e-bay as well.
I also noticed that some of items, at the UK online store, have the following note: "Not available to USA customers due to shipping restrictions." I don't remember seeing this last week.
Is this shirt still for sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Interesting. I have a pair in the exact same size and actually sized up 1/2; they're very fitted in the top block and only got really comfortable after having stretched out some. Must be different proportions, as I lift and squat a lot. In any case, seems like you just need a slimmer cut. Hamilton is Crate's most relaxed cut (its all relative though). My Hamiltons also fit snug on top, but I actually prefer...
I have a pair of Hamiltons, 29 they have a 10" rise. They're very nice jeans, selvedge denim.. but the rear rise (whatever you call it) is a little too high, at least in how they fit me. I also think the rear pockets are a bit too long.
If it hasn't been mentioned already.. Urban Outfitters BDG tees. Cheaper than AA, Vs aren't as silly deep. Cut slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I was under the impression that Brooks Brothers is made by Alfred Sargent, not C&J, but I'm not an expert. Neither am I, but I believe some of the Peal and Co shoes are made by C&J. I think it a Pembroke:
me too, not a fan of the longwing. I have a pair of these bad-boys. From Brooks Brothers, cost a small fortune, but built to last.. this is a serious shoe that will probably last me a 1/4 century. I think they're actually made by C&J.
Just this. Trying to control the spending these days. Multi Check Shirt $108
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