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Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple same here but to better field you question, what kind of price range are you looking at? I tried the J.Crew, their jackets (and long-sleeve shirts) never fit me right, they're always too big in the torso, too short in the arms, but good in the shoulders. Price, keeping it under $400. I don't mind spending a little extra for a quality garment that'll last me many seasons.
Lets talk utility jackets. Any particular favorites? J.Crew one is ok, but not cut slim enough, a little too boxy. Barbour is an option, but don't want/need the waxed cotton. What else has that Barbour like vibe and quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Did the shirts happen to shrink in length or width after you washed them? I plan on washing them in cold water and hang drying them to hopefully eliminate any shrinkage. That should be fine. I wash cold and hang dry, no shrinkage.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramp So, I just received my Naked and Famous chinos from Epaulet. They're definitely too big, but I was wondering if you guys think sizing down one (or maybe two if I can find a 28) would help the thigh flare and pancake ass. Or is this just not the right cut for me? Yes.. those are too big on you. I have the same denim chinos, I wear them pretty snug. FYI, they will stretch a little , and the length will shrink...
I have both a Rugger and Gant line button-down collar shirt. Both are slim fit, Gant line is a little slimmer in both the body and shoulders. Gant line uses MOP buttons, Rugger plastic. Both have bigger collar size, similar to BoO. Neck size runs small, probably a 15 on my mediums (works very well for me). Rugger shirt is darted no pleats, Gant line has box pleat (although it is slimmer and more fitted). Both have shorter bodies, for the untucked option. Fabric and...
Have you checked all the usual suspects: Allen Edmonds Alden Brook Brothers Crockett and Jones Church's great selection here:
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Paul Smith Cage I much prefer these to the Ricard boot. Where did you get them?
Quote: Originally Posted by travo I'm looking to take advantage of the 20% off sale items sale. However, I'm a noobie... so can anyone tell me what size belt to get for a size 32 waist? (Here's the one under consideration Thanks in advance. You usually size up one size with belts, so you would be a 34. I saw that belt in stores, it's really narrow, not my thing.
FYI, real aviators are never polarized because it can (in some cases) interfere with reading gauges... ever notice the crappy rainbow effect looking through certain tinted windows. Personally, I don't think it worth the extra change.. unless I pick up bass fishing as a hobby.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Help a newb here, I know MIE is made in England, what is MIJ...? Thank you Made in Japan
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