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I do like Barneys.. but last time I was in the Madison Ave store, I couldn't help but notice they inflated prices above retail. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it this particular location?
they have a certain under-stated orthopedic charm to them
You guys may think sacrilege, but the Apple In Ear headphones are surprisingly good. They are light years beyond the regular ear-buds. Very flat response, dual driver. I like them a little better than the Ultimate Ear SuperFi 4 they replaced.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra I'm still torn between Quartz and Automatics. I like the movement of automatics, but they aren't nearly as precise as quarts watches and if you leave 'em for a few days it's a pain to have to set them again. No it isn't. I have a Seamaster automatic, I enjoy setting it up. If you wear it at least every other day, it won't stop.
Belgian Trippels, Dubbels and Quads.. St. Bernardus and Maredsous. Belgian Ales, Leffe is great, both the blond and brown, also Gulden Draak. There are some really good American craft Belgian styles too, Alagash and Green Flash are two of my favorites. Belgians I avoid, Chimay and Delerium, they give me a hangover, not sure why. I do like the occasional Pale Ale or IPA, pairs well with savory foods. BTW, Blue Moon is brewed by Coors. It's their sneaky attempt at...
Do you or would you consider wearing a single designer head to toe? Especially something very runway... Since becoming a little more in-tune with style/fashion I've begun noticing this more and more.. esp in the more stylish cities (i.e. NYC). Is this a new trend? It's something I've never even considered in the past (but am now).. it's always been a mix and match things with me, various nice pieces with some basics.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaelp123 That is a great jacket! I want. Mind sharing how much that set you back? How heavy is the lining? Just got back from NdG store in NYC.. and now I have. FYI, I'm a 38R, medium fits me perfect. Jacket has very slim cut, high arm holes and a thinish lining. $660, a bit pricey.
Quote: Originally Posted by hankwx FW09 field jacket... That is a great jacket! I want. Mind sharing how much that set you back? How heavy is the lining?
I got one too. Ditto on the fit, better than the J.Crew version. I dislike the floppiness of the collar, not sure if it a construction / quality thing or a chambray shirt thing.
I'm sort of digging the Filson Cover Cloth Field Jacket
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