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Just go to J.Crew and try on some of their heavier jackets. You don't need a coat. Layer with sweater if it gets cold. I'd stray away form Filson stuff, demographic is more 45+ affluent hunter/fisher types (bags being the exception).
Lots of designer boutiques on Melrose as well.
Big fan of their Mic jeans too. No quality issues with them.
J.Crew khakis suck. The classic fit cut is atrocious, it's got this ice-cream cone thing going on. Too small around the ankle, them balloons up at the thighs into a high-waisted mess. The relaxed fit just looks ridiculously baggy. How about that giant fit?! Examples of poor looking khakis here: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...ants/chino.jsp
Quote: Originally Posted by Aleph The girl that cuts my hair has full color work above her chest. It's very hot and I have to try hard not to stare. Regardless, it needs to stop. My cousins beautiful GF got one of these.. totally ridiculous.
Checked out the Beverly Hills Barneys sale.. wasn't really worth my time. Probably go back on the 3rd for the good stuff.
Has anyone set foot in a Barneys today? Are most labels on sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Where can I find straight fit grey denim? - raw/un-distressed preferably - N&F Weird Guy at Tobi looks good but too skinny Acne Mic
Quote: Originally Posted by hnlax agreed. i can never understand why younger guys would wear a pair of dad jeans. you see it at college a lot. fine, maybe people don't care about what they wear. that's great. but at the store, when they buy the jeans, there are dark jeans next to the light jeans. do they try on the light jeans and honestly think that they look good? i feel that dark jeans are so much more versatile and, to some extent, more sleek and...
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