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I really dig this jacket. Where did you get it? What's the situation with the sizing? Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 My best based on frequency of wear.... Attachment jacket
Best: Quoddy boat shoes Alden for Leather Soul Indy boots Uniqlo slim fit cords J.Crew sweatshirt BoO polos (1 black, 1 white) Worst: Lands End down vest
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo If you want to wear a baseball cap and look like frat house tool, be my guest. Could you be so kind as to recommend some styles of casual hats that won't make one look like a hipster douche.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo unless you are 12 and at a sporting event. don't wear a baseball cap. Thanks mighty purveyor of all things sartorial, you were very helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Why? To wear.
Anyone know where I can get a plain, decently constructed gray ball cap. No logos, no teams, just a plain cap.
Programming is not saturated. The job market is pretty darn good for experienced software developers, who know their shit. Anyway, regardless, go to college.. do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get into a good school. Deal with the loans. Live on campus, screw co-eds, get an awesome education that will take you places. You will not regret it.
Did a little shopping this weekend. Stopped by RL, Brooks Brothers and Barneys in Bev Hills. Found the RL Black Label to have a very nice fit. I have a 15-inch neck and long arms, 34-35ish. Sleeves were just a touch too short, chest good, mid-section ok (might need to be darted, at least on me, 30" waist). Cost bad, $295?! Was impressed with the Black Fleece line at Brooks Brothers, but the sleeves were WAY too short, next size up was huge. Ended up getting a Paul...
Well at least the moderntailor website is up and working.. at this exact moment, mytailor is down. Last night I was having some bizarre issues with their online ordering process -- errors, failure, etc.
Can someone please assist. I'm having the hardest time finding a slim (15/34-25) shirt with a small semi-spread collar, blue pattern (check, window, not stripes, etc)... looking for something a little less conservative, something that will look great with or without a tie... and something I can buy online. In terms of fit and collar, closest I've found so far are the Shipley and Halmos dress shirts, but they only seem to do a monochromatic thing (and they are not neck...
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