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I had some of Karl Schäfer's 2011 Weissburgunder tonight. Months too early for it but definitely worth buying now (while it lasts).
This is so good, so very good. I can't tell you how good this is — especially the back.
There are a couple of wine critics who would highly recommend this wine, mainly because it is "a bargain". In my opinion, once a wine sells for less than ten euros (but more than six), far to many critics would recommend (and overrate) anything that is drinkable as "a bargain".Couldn't agree more — they make some great wines.
Not that it is a bad wine as such. Just not really what I like or what I consider a typical Tempranillo representation.
BTW, by wood-heavy I meant oak-heavy. Oaked to death, if you will.
The bottles of Embocadero I tried always presented themselves on the wood-heavy side with very little "pure" grape to discern. Have you tried a tint joven? These are almost unaged and the tempranillo grape is very clear.
Absolutely, very Poriot-esque.
Moustache-shaped puree included?.
I had Van Volxem's 2007 "1900 Brut" today — great.
Returning visitors may wear cashmere.
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