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Did somebody steal my look from last Pitti there?
Be careful, you mentioned GF and handwork in one sentence there.
Nice to hear the box is on track again.
I have seen you in at least one pair of super tight "pents".
Welcome back!
You're right. The truth is, whenever Don Paolo posts photos of his Neapolitan lunches, I am the one under the table getting to deal with the leftovers.
Just as an aside, it is also my blog...
I remember some of the London Loungers who ordered the original Etna (650 grams) planned to make it up as an overcoat. I had a sport coat made from my length and it is by far the most warm, fluffy, hairy jacket I ever had.
Yep, but (unfortunately) not uncommon nowadays. I wouldn't have opened it before the summer, but had to decide whether or not to buy a few more bottles of it. So, killing the baby was mandatory.
The difference, in my opinion, is that his jackets don't scream (like many others, bespoke or not). Having seen some of his jackets in person, I can assure they are of very high quality, but lack any form of obviously handmade decorum. They are a form of quiet perfection which is rarely seen. In other words: Antonio's tailor is an absolute perfectionist, but he would never tell anybody.
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