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No, man too short.
Come on, what exactly do you consider "folded up" in those pictures?
He is one of many shoemakers who makes shoes for the pope, but he is not his official shoemaker. In fact, the pope has no official shoemaker as the shoes are donated to him (and have been to his predecessor) during the General Audiences. There are many firms who claim to be the pope's shoemaker only because they sent him a pair of shoes once which wasn't sent back (Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the more famous of these). There are, however, (very, very) detailed...
That must be Bond's hotel suite from Live and Let Die. Must be.
What are you waiting for, then? Do it while you can still participate in the box-thing!
Haven't you considered a move over to Europe yet?
How about a second round after everyone has had the box once?
Isaia fine knit IIRC.
I have my length still waiting to be made up.
The box arrived here today and will leave Germany tomorrow. Plus, some good news: Gshen's six fold is still in there.
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