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Looks very good!I finally took delivery of the several lengths of HFW Crown Classic I had ordered. Most of them are pretty boring standard cloths (in a good way). Maybe I'll take some photos later.
I broke one of my Zalto Bordeaux recently (first Zalto I have ever broken). At least, the stem stayed intact and the body only lost it's top third so I can still use it as a somewhat oversized storm lantern while thinking about how good some wines tasted out of it.
You can get a similar effect by simply using dish cloth. This way, you get the desired texture even before you have washed the shirt a few times — money saved.
IIRC, that's a suit made out of a piece of vintage Reid & Taylor tweed. Something similar is in Bateman Ogden's "Glenhunt" book (550 grams).
The collars look very good here, though.
If only you stopped ordering those Acorn fabrics...
Please don't tell us you finally found out where that blanked kid is living.
I have read somewhere (in fact, it might even have been the same article you mentioned), that the TCA which can lead to a corked wine can also come from, as gamester wrote, other sources than the cork. If I remember correctly, the filtration system (or at least a special type of filtration system) can be one of the origins. It can also reside in the cellar itself, especially if the winery is not that keen on hygiene matters...
Working class hands, man!
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