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These look great!
Here are some pictures from an early fitting stage:
Nice squares!
Toe positions and instructions on how the last needs to be modified (more space above the outer toe, longer toe box overall, tighter instep, narrower waist) for the final pair.
Oh, by the way, here is something I have in the making right now. They are trial shoes but you get the idea.
You could maybe influence the stretching effect a little bit length-wise, but not by much.
Yes he does make trees for Vass. I haven't encountered any functional differences, other than the fact that these take a bit more time to put in and take out, since they consist of three individual pieces. They can be made without any metal in them, if that means anything.
I am drinking a Yunnan Yu Ya Cha right now.
Ok, I must have chosen some really strange words, hence the reactions. What I was trying to say is that little attention to detail bothers me in an expensive suit. Of course, Jeffery is right in saying that pocket flaps are die-cut. To me, however, there is a significant difference between using one single flap shape for single breasted as well as double breasted suits because that is not how it is done in a "proper" suit. I am not saying that Tom Ford suits are the only...
Seriously, why shouldn't (some) whites be decanted? I would almost go as far as to say that there are about as many whites worth decanting as there are reds (not that I think that here are all too many reds worth decanting to begin with).
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