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K√ľnstler makes good stuff!
You are right in some ways. Handmacher doesn't have a true collection of RTW shoes as their main business is MTO/MTM through their franchise partners (comparable to Ambiorix, although with a different styling). They do produce stock specials and offer seasonal leathers, though. Many franchise partners also decide to order a number of standard shoes for walk-in clients. Handmacher themselves only have one model which is never out of stock: a half brogue derby in black...
Finally, they were ready... Some more pictures on Suitorial.
That's what I was trying to say. The overall style can be anticipated from other shoes shown here, however.
I think he meant the last they are going to be tacked onto, not the uppers themselves. It's pretty obvious that there is no last anywhere near the uppers in that picture. Anyway, I don't think of Bestetti's last shapes as "tacky". Spectacular -- maybe, but still tasteful.
Thanks for the clarification. I have two jackets made from Breanish tweed myself and the difference in how the shoulders settle down is not that noticeable in comparison to harder finished stuff (some Minnis flannel, too). Are you sure the wadding in the shoulder is the same? It would make sense to use different wadding in the wider shoulder you ordered to prevent the shoulder from collapsing.
Sorry for being late to the party, but you guys are really posting A LOT lately...Looks very similar to a LL tweed I have.I think the wider lapels make the suit appear more like others we see posted here (so, for many, this is a good thing). The shoulders, however, look much better on the tweed jacket IMO. The wider ones seem to be made up for by a straighter construction which makes the overall result look just so much more conventional and negatively unobtrusive. The...
Depends on how long you are thinking to age it. It surely will get better within the next four or five years but I would buy something like the Volz, Gottesfuss or Scharzhofberger P. for real aging potential (2011 seem to become one of the years for the Saar region). That being said, I recently had a bottle of 2002 Saar Riesling which was still in good condition, although not as good as it would have been in, say, 2006.
I just tried the first bit of the 2011 Van Volxem Saar Riesling: Truly amazing stuff, especially given the price point!
LV seems to be especially ... ahem ... difficult with these things. I once did a portrait on a umbrella factory and accidentally ran in the production section they had put up for their LV license. Me + camera + some old women stitching LV labels in a middle market umbrella factory obviously was not the best combination overall. I actually had to sign a paper in which I confirmed not to publish any photos of their workshop displaying the LV site.
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