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Having no flaps on the hip pockets is simply more common in italy than in other countries, I think. I have seen a great deal of Attolini suits with flaps, though.
I am drinking a Morisfarms Morellino Di Scansano Riserva (2009) right now, before that were a Salwey Grauburgunder RS (2008) and a Van Volxem 1900 Riesling Brut (2007). Yes, exams are over...
I have only tried Kühn's Riesling wines. But I will keep it on my "to drink" list.Thanks, will report back!BTW, all I am drinking apart from water, tea and espresso until my exams are over is apple/quince juice (homegrown). Not exactly a perfect substitute for a Riesling Kabinett but far better for my concentration...
I think both use largely the same suppliers for their material, although I don't know whether or not they buy the same qualities there. I do think HD has a better selection of suede and textured leathers. Apart from their iconic Rio, HD's last shapes are less recognizable, although as much catering to different feet proportions as Vass's. Their sleekest last is the Luzern. I personally have grown to preferring the HDs because I think the quality control is superior to...
"A glass of" as in "poured by the glass" in a restaurant? My first encounter with PJ Kühn's wines has been by the glass and after that I had not had the need to try any of his products for a longer time. Turned out I had tried his lowest wine and all the others were so much better... Now, I love some of his stuff (Amphore, Lenchen).I picked up half a case of 2009 Coulée de Sérrant the other day, planning to drink it in its various stages of age. Also, a surprise find: 1975...
Do I see a bottle of Langwerth von Simmern?
All of them are handmade.
Apart from Vass, the other makers you mention are all machine-welted, so they don't really compare in terms of production methods. I think, for the quality of materials and make, specific style (which, agreed, one either loves or hates) and choice of models their prices are hard to beat.
Very good stuff!
The jacket looks very Attolini, styling-wise.
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