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Bit late to the party, but I think a study initiated by the FH Geisenheim recently stated that, all things considered, storing bottles cork up is actually better for the product. I am not sure whether I want to believe this, though. That, of course, is mainly due to my bottles all being stored horizontally.
As an entrance into white Burgundy as well as for their price-value ratio, I'd highly recommend Fichet. Their Bourgogne Blanc is good, the BB Vieilles Vignes is even better. Fichet's Auxey-Duresse is insanely cheap for what it delivers (depending on the vintage). Dublere also has a good budget collection. Both are easily obtainable in Germany.
I agree with you on the Abtserde. The Karthäuserhof should have been good, too.
Haha! Kidding aside, I could organise a small run of minimally lined threefold ties made of the vibrant green tweed in the photo.
I had a 2010 Abtei Weiss, Muri-Gries from Alto Adige tonight. Very good, but years too young. A nice belnd of 70/30 Pinot Bianco/Pinot Grigio, aged for 16 Months in 500l barrels. Good minerality, although lacking a bit of acid.
Thanks. Picture was taken at W. Jungmann & Neffe in Vienna.They are shipping worldwide...I am wearing jeans, yes. Seemed to work well. The tie isn't hanging straight, but the length is good overall.The green tweed to my right, for instance?
It's been a while...
What I had the other day: 2011 Gemischter Satz, Zahel n.V. Riesling Brut, Schloss Gobelsburg 2003 Setzberg Riesling Smaragd, Hirtzberger 2009 Loibenberg Grüner Veltliner Smaragd, Knoll I liked the Hirtzberger best, by far. Underrated vintage for Wachau wines.
2010 & 2011 Nierstein Pettenthal Riesling Kabinett trocken, Louis Guntrum tonight. 2010 tastes nothing like Pettenthal usually does, 2011 is near perfection, if a bit heavy for a Kabinett.
I had these at a tasting recently: http://www.noblewine.de/Verkostung/Noble%20Wine_Die%20große%20Rieslingverkostung_29.06.12.pdf I especially liked the Adam Piesporter Riesling and the Schäfer-Fröhlich Spätlese Goldkapsel. Von Winning Jesuitengarten was also very good.
New Posts  All Forums: