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They definitely look like Materna to me.
Only borrowed, but still nice.
Where but where do I know these from?
I have had older vintages from both the Vatican and Marbuzet. 09 is generally considered a good vintage, so any mid-tier producer should be fine. Concerning Buhl: If you have access to Von Winning, I would recommend buying their Ungeheuer (mid range) and Jesuitengarten (GG=pricey) instead, but that is a very subjective recommendation. Von Winning is known for producing very modern Rieslings, aged in medium to small oak barrels (minimal to no toasting, of course)....
Domäne Wachau has some pretty awesome stuff in their higher price lineup. Good for larger groups, because many people like them, yet they still keep on the elegant and itneresting side of the drinking spectrum.I would take the Cuvée du Vatican R. and the Marbuzet.What I am drinking these days ... and not aloneMonday:- 2008 "Alte Reben" Riesling, Van Volxem (OK)- 2009 "Malterdinger" Pinot Noir, Bernhard Huber (very good)- 2010 Hubacker Riesling GG, K.P. Keller (really,...
I was about to rephrase, but then figured "what the heck".
In this case, yes
15€ is a steal for this wine. I'd recommend storing the second bottle for at least four more years.Why should horizontal storage be more practical. I am storing a large amount of my screwcap wines vertically in a DIN heavy duty racking system. Five bottles in a row, ten to twelve rows, depending on the type of bottle. Doesn't get much more practical than that.
Good choice! St. Anthony also has a good version of a Pettenthal Riesling which is very accessible right now. They have started replacing some of their Riesling vines in Pettenthal with Pinot Noir because the climate has changed so much there within the last few years.BTW, the current (German) issue of VINUM has a "pro/con" horizontal bottle storage. A Prof. at Geisenheim states that the humidity between liquid and cork is sufficient to keep the cork moist. He also says...
If I am not totally mistaken, the study I was referring to is more recent than the one on Champagne storage. I think one of the last two issues of Vinum had a piece about it in their first few pages.
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