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Also just been through a breakup, just under 2 weeks ago. Wasn't really happy in the relationship but still feels shit that it's over. Going out tomorrow looking for randoms to smash. She was my gym partner a lot of the time as well which I think is what I miss more than the relationship side of things. Have made no contact since we broke up, she has text or called pretty much every day since sometimes multiple times. Ignore, move on.
I'm not thick because I weigh 185 and like 30 of that is fat. Zyzz was 195 shredded at my height and was pretty small with no back or leg development. Part of the plan for this cut was to possibly get on the gear afterwards, wanted to start that being really lean and use it to straight up bulk. Also lean because it reduces chance of estrogen sides and also healthier to get to 190 lean on gear than 215 fat and bloated and then need more cycles to cut.
No, 135lbs. I've gone from 135 at 10% to I predict around 170 at 10% if I cut that far. Don't think that's bad for 4 years of on and off lifting. Couldn't bench the bar at first and my best lifts have been 2 plate bench 4 plate dead and 2.5 plate squat, but i stopped squatting ages ago.
At the height of my bulks I'd added 75lbs.... Think I deserve a little cut after that. Once I lean out I will be back to perma bulking, although I will keep it under control and not dreamer bulk this time.
Just to confirm that I do have some gainz. I know I need to add more size but it's at the point where I felt I needed to tidy up a bit, start bulking from a lean base rather than permanently hovering between 15-20%.
Bro you have a nice pair of tits but I don't think you are in a position to talk shit
I just have high body fat especially in my lower body. Been bulking on and off for years and gained 50lbs at the weight I am today. I would guess I started around 20% when I decided to cut and maybe 17% now. Klinefelters comment has made me really paranoid, but my test level is 750ng/dl so I doubt it. I do suspect my estrogen is also high though. I could post pictures that make me look better but that wasn't the aim.
Any tips for motivation when cutting. I was sitting around 195 @ 6'1 but came to the realisation I was fat as fuck despite still being scrawny by gym standards. Lost all my water weight and shit and now weighing 185 after a few weeks with no real loss of strength. Waist is down to just over 31" but I feel tiny. Think I finally need to get to 10% and stop deluding myself that I'm in good shape when I'm 20% BF. Then I will have a base to work from and might do a simple test...
Some of you may remember that I always thought I had low test levels which was why I struggled to grow in the gym. Recently found out that my level was 730ng/ dl about 8 months ago at a time when I wasn't eating much, sleeping, or working out. Goes to show that there is a lot more at play then test levels. I was certain mine was low and my body hates getting bigger and staying anywhere near lean.
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