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Some of you may remember that I always thought I had low test levels which was why I struggled to grow in the gym. Recently found out that my level was 730ng/ dl about 8 months ago at a time when I wasn't eating much, sleeping, or working out. Goes to show that there is a lot more at play then test levels. I was certain mine was low and my body hates getting bigger and staying anywhere near lean.
What's up rhet, been a while. Took a few months off training but been back for 6 months or so. Strongest I've ever been at the moment just hit a 405 deadlift, and bench is probably 205 1rm. 188lbs bw at 6'2. Not impressive but my bench was always terrible if anyone remembers, in fact I stopped training it for well over a year in favour of dumbbells. Looking for some advice on training bench mostly for strength. If i bench twice a week, what would be a good set / rep...
dat you zyzz?
sorry no its actually a small. Fit is quite slim but i can still get in it at 6'1 185lbs. Too small for me though which is reason for sale.
rare F/W 10 shawl collar worn a few times but as new condition, never been washed or wet comes with original label and spare leather button price includes shipping from UK
Lol i also had a guy who agreed to start training at the gym with me, asking loads of questions and saying how keen he was. He no showed for the first session, a couple weeks later i ask what happened? He says he is still up for it but hurt his shoulder and has to wait for that to heal. Shortly after his facebook status changes to "in a relationship" and i never hear from him again.
just tried this and it's painful, never knew anything about carpal tunnel wtf lol.
My 19 year old friend is on like his 5th cycle this time test prop and tren ace. He's swole as fuck and pro BB genetics but his lack of regard for health is crazy.
Fuck my weak wrists, couldn't even do DB rows today the pain is so bad. Every so often they get "tweaked" and then feel weak and painful for a few days to a week, never know exactly what caused it just seems to happen. Managed to get through a back workout by strapping it up and doing some lighter higher volume stuff. Chest tomorrow, gonna have to come up with a high volume low wrist stress routine totally different to my usual one.
Pretty hard to get high carbs with really low fat on a refeed day. Macros for the day: Totals 2,848 384 51 203 Had to eat loads of sugary stuff, 2 energy drinks, bag of skittles, bread and pasta. Most carbs come equipped with fat. Not sure i need refeed days at 14-15% BF but i feel that my metabolism has slowed a lot in response to the lowered calories so they should help fire it up again.
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