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Quote: My calf muscles are like a scene from The 300. Oh: cheers! - B I knew it! B stands for Bruce! BtW, this is a disproportionate figure!
Actually, it could be worse: And no, this is not meant to be drape!
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff I am getting the feeling more and more that my approach to men differs from many here, now homoerotic fantasies aside, what's actually wrong with the suit? Nothing, in a technical sense. It's just that the pinstripes run towards the neck, which creates the unnecessary illusion of being barrel shaped. But that is just a matter of preference as well, I guess. I personally don't find it very flattering.
As far as I know A&S do very soft pads nowadays. But if you take a look at the shoulder line of the much praised Fred Astaire in his coat it is obvious that there is a lot of structure in his coat. If there wasn't the shoulders would just sag. They even did it for Prince Charles (although he got ready made, stiffer pads). You all can still wear drape, since that is what you want and like, even when your body is "disproportionate" (I know this sounds terrible, but it's...
For a start: I don't hate drape and I don't hate A&S! I find it very disturbing that their supporters, one of them especially, always come up with such a strongly negative attitude. It's just that when you brag so much about what you do better than others it actually should be better and not the opposite! What so many people are not aware of is the fact that some styles are not really meant for every type of figure (voxsartoria is in the right shape and has the best...
I doubt that his business partner is in Italy. All the reference to Italian tailoring and such is a tad too much for my taste. This Pari company might as well be in Thailand or such place. This is how(decent) MTM works: Somebody (ideally a tailor or a well trained salesperson) measures you up. Taking 20 single measurements is just showing off, most of them are not used, since an already existing pattern is manipulated. So all you need are height, chest, waist, hips, arms,...
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