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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan What, exactly, is this meant to prove? This proves that he knows about shoes but not about good suits... Plus that (A&S) drape is not really meant to be worn by everyone (regarding the figure)! What bothers me most is that after doing this for more than 100 years they still kick out such bad examples. It should be close to perfection by now. They keep record of all the names in their order books,...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Hitler ranting about A&S would be sweet. Anyone want to start a collaboration thread in DT for ideas? --Andre For your information: Hitler was Austrian! Shame we Germans let him do his thing!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Isn't that what happens at virtually every tailor in the world? So A&S will do both: help the client who pops in, and try to accomodate the ones with distinct ideas. Sounds like a fine approach to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton My experience may not be representative, but here is what Mr. Hitchcock told me. Basically, A&S would be very flexible about any number of details you could imagine, and more or less inflexible on certain points of house style. If you want pagoda shoulders or a very stiff front, you will be polititely but firmly refused. But virtually everything else is on the table. They are perfectly happy to cut a slimmer coat...
Can anyone provide a picture of Tom Ford wearing his A&S white tie? If I remember correctly it was much closer fitting than what we have seen elsewhere from A&S. Which raises the question why he went for A&S in the first place! Probably helping each other out, marketing wise! It almost looks like propaganda what Anda Rowland is constantly repeating in various publications on the web, and not only she. Apparently all this "...best tailors in the world..., so...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman As a drape victim, So drape is not a matter of fit but one of faith? Horrible thought!
Sweet! We found a way to stop the next "drape wars"!
This has nothing to do with the subject, just letting you know that I really like this picture...
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd My pair of queens trump your ace. speaking of aces: just in case! So, when drape does not say: I looooooove the maybe it just means "very"? Very "ghey" or very "straight"? So the more drape in a coat the more "ghey" or "straight" a person is? But how do you distinct them? And how to make sure that the "gheys" are not wearing drape to hang out with the "straights"?
I just had an amazing thought last night, combining the most prominent subjects in this thread! Check this: gay, no drape! gay, no drape! gay, definitely no drape! Does drape say "Hey, I'm straight"?, is it the essence of "straightness"? Food for thought!
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