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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Good god that's a lot of drops lulz hes dropping one shirt at a time and with stuff like a very worn out zegna shirt for $70 we can look forward to 200 more drops
cool story its lapel not label and who are you going to scam out of a tux?
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog okay, well this is where i currently stand. no matter what car i get, im probably going to be paying around $200 per month on insurance. i won't be spending too much on gas, so i will budget around $150 a month for that. i definitely want to lease a car for 2 years (i think 3 is too long) because owning one (which would be used) doesn't seem to make sense for me right now. what's a good budget for a lease? i...
Quote: Originally Posted by PITAronin Not too long ago I got a nice leather hanging 'dhobi kit' at half off from the folks at J. Peterman. Unfortunately, most of my trips involve flying/living with the hassles of airport screening, and so I wind up using it only for trips where I'm driving. exactamundo, unless im flying private which is not often, its a ziploc bag
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Polo suits typically run $500 on the B&S forum. They usually are in less popular colors/fabrics Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 with hairlines Prince of Wales check lollerskates
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan But those are distinctly unreal. I have trouble understanding the craze for fake lapel flowers. Seems no different from sticking any other random knick-knack in your lapel hole. I suppose if forced to choose, I'd go with the realistic silk ones like what Will sells, but the idea would still bug me to no end. Real carnations are cheap enough and the relative inconvenience of getting them happily prevents you from...
not prorsum
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith this is the high end thread all the 38R have been waiting for 34" waist?
as a sanitation engineering manager i feel your pain - ruined a 3 piece suit today at work
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