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How do Rag and Bone RB11 Jeans fit? Are they true to size? Also how do Opening Ceremony jackets fit and how is the quality of their jackets? Thanks
What do you guys think of the Acne shoes left? There are lots of sizes left.
I really like the EG jacket...too bad I don't have any money.
That was awesome thank you for that
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Ok, the Gimlet's not a bad suggestion. I've been mulling this over and will recommend that you make her this drink. It's from the '30s. The Savoy Corpse Reviver II 2 oz good Gin (I suggest you use Hendrick's or Martin Miller) 0.5 oz Cointreau 0.5 oz. Lillet Blanc 0.75 oz Lemon Juice 0.5 oz Simple Syrup Add the above to a shaker filled with ice. Shake very hard and strain into a cocktail (otherwise...
What would be a good alcoholic drink to buy for a lady friend's 21st?
How is the sizing with Fred Perry polos? Is size 38 equivalent to more of a medium or a small?
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong ^ You should be fine machine washing it, although I would hang dry. Thanks, helpful site.
I have a wings and horns tiger fleece and was wondering what the best way to wash it is w/out ruining the fleece. I would just follow the directions on the label..but I have no idea what the symbols mean. Can anyone enlighten me?
measurements on the gilded age henley?
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