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Thanks. I do have a Linen Uniqlo that I haven't worn yet, but I know that it would need to go to my tailor.
I'm looking to pick up some additional blazers for work/going out. The office is very casual, jeans+OCBD, tshirt jeans etc... it's advertising. I'm going to be traveling a lot more and also client facing more so it's time. I already have a navy blazer. I was looking at a few uniqlo but thought they may be to casual. I was thinking about going into BB to try some of their 1818 on. Is that my best bet or should I look at other places. I know I'm going to need multiple...
How is the cashmere compared to everlane?
I'm looking to pick up a spring/summer suit for weddings and event wear. Looking for solid navy in a 40S waist 31-32. Let me know if there are any other questions. edit: I meant to say 40S but 40R can do and will tailor it.
The dell monitor I was actually considering purchasing also. There is a nice thread at hard forum and a couple of people have already recieved theirs. I personally am not a fan of Dell but the price is very nice. Quote: Mine just arrived, the viewing angle is about the only thing on it that really stands out for me. The colors are good and the blacks/whites are noticeably better than my last monitor, but it's...
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