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SOLD Up for sale are a pair of Kicking Mule Workshop (KMW) 1980 selvedge denim jeans. They were made in Japan and are the "one-wash" version so shrinkage would be minimal. The tagged size is 29x34, but they were chainstitch-hemmed to an inseam of 30" Product details... http://www.anthull.com/denim-kicking-mule-workshop-1980s/ In addition to being hemmed to an inseam of 30", they have also been slightly tapered from the knee down (see measurements). The alterations were...
I also have and highly recommend a Unicorn. It is highly rated at Amazon... http://www.amazon.com/Unicorn-Magnum-Plus-Pepper-Black/dp/B0000CFB4N/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1318269990&sr=8-1
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As for Nudies, I get mine from http://www.tobi.com/men/nudie-jeans/jeansThey are often marked down on that site. You can often find coupon codes and get a discount that way also.
I used to own the APC NS (in indigo and black) and currently own the 3sixteen st-100x. The 3sixteen is a better jean, IMO. The 3sixteen denim feels much higher quality than APC denim. It is more dense (less stretchy), thicker, has a smooth peachy feel inside and out, and is woven in Japan (jean itself is sewn together in USA). Even though it is raw, it is quite soft and flexible even when brand new, which I was surprised to see. The 3sixteen also has better quality...
If the Nudies are 2% elastic, then they are stretch denim.But yeah, they soften up with wear. If you still absolutely can't stand to wear them, soak them in cold water to get rid of the excess starch and hang dry. You should not lose too much dye, so effect on fading will be minimal, IME.
I've own both the indigo and black NS at the same time.Correct, the black NS did not stretch as much, is made of a slightly thinner denim, and is not selvedge. It was raw though. In my hands, the black also appeared not to fade much at all compared to the indigos.However, TMK, the black NS is no longer available, at least new in the US.
- Breitling Aerospace watch - Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses - Filson Outfitter wallet - Samsung x427 phone (old-skool) - Photon Freedom LED micro light - Baron utility clip as keychain
Unlikely. Seiko 5's are pretty reliable. That -10sec/day inaccuracy I mentioned was right out of the box but did not get any worse. My $400 "made in Japan" Seiko (not a 5) also loses 10 secs/day from the day I bought it. This inaccuracy may or may not be of a concern depending on how anal you are about knowing the exact time. You can always reset to the "correct" time every now and then if this is the case. Use www.time.gov for the "official" time.
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