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Hey everyone, quick update. Last 2 pairs for this run have been claimed. Books are closed. The deposit has been wired, production should be initiated this week. Once we are closer to delivery time, I'll start informing everyone of the process for final payment, tracking and final delivery. A shipment will be made from within the EU for European buyers, so that should help save on shipping costs. I sent all buyers photos of the test sample that was made last week, so...
Nibbling on BABA again.
Yeah. Ultra wealthy people are going to have a rough Christmas.
Dammit. Cousins was a late scratch and ruined my night. And probably my week. Was sacrificing categories with his stats in mind and now I'm fucked.
I think the drop in energy has been happening for over 2 months now. It might be a bottom, hard to say. OPEC can fuck with the numbers all it wants, but if there isn't demand, then there isn't demand.My guess on energy is that it's just bottomed/near bottom. Too many global forces depend on high energy prices to survive like Russia and S Arabia, etc. They won't let it drop much further unless there are counter balances such as Brazil, American shale gas and oil, which...
Probably 6 months for energy positions.Regarding your other question, there are too many factors that go into a decision like that.Are you better off selling and moving on... what is your sense of that sector versus other options? If you're confident another position will outperform your loss then move on. I am the last person to speak, though. I have been sitting on that shitbird TWTR when I knew full well that adding it to the BABA IPO was the better move. My life...
EXXI too. Getting destroyed.
I dropped Faried last season after a series of duds. He improved late season, but I got the worst of him.
Action? Like adding Mozvgov? You blinked, man. You're shook.
Hey everyone, All deposits have been paid. Remarkably, nobody has cancelled their order. Even the person I thought was not going to join in popped up at the last minute. I really appreciate everyone's commitment, and intend to expedite the process as much as possible. As of now, the books are closed. I have ordered 2 extra pairs for anyone that wants to join in, and I will honor the price I quoted everyone, so if you want a pair PM me right away. Once those 2 pairs...
New Posts  All Forums: