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Elfrid Payton?
Stauskus to Sac. Smart, sees the court, heady and crafty. Or they just drafted Bonner. Vonleh slips to Charlotte.
Randle to Lakers. Kobe has his very own baby Zach Randolph.
Interesting for Rondo. Marcus Smart to BOS
Exum to Utah. This kid is my favorite player in the draft.
Surprise with Aaron Gordon at 4. Damn, letting Exum slip?
2 - Parker 3 - Embied Dude, Adam Silver is one ugly motherfucker.
Wiggins goes first.
Heh, this is a great reminder of just how bad the 2000 draft was. http://grantland.com/features/nba-draft-crapshoot-repick-1995/
I know, but still.
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