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The cost for the 2nd run is still fluid. They raised the price towards the end of the manufacture, and I've had to swallow it. The tooling already existed, what they didn't have a good calculation on was the time involved. These are cast and it takes a fair amount of manual work, and in addition, they are hand tuned. If they price the same, I would have to raise it by a small amount. I'll reach out via PM.
Hey All, I believe I have contacted everyone that has reached out about doing a second run of shears. PM me if I have not. The opportunity to do the 16" shear is still up in the air. They are asking for a large quantity to fill the order. I can communicate for certain that there is going to be another run for the 13" shear. Anyone interested, please post here or PM me. I am not going to collect a deposit now, I want to validate that the quality of the first run is...
Hey everyone, check your email again. The shears are complete! Delivery is being scheduled, great news! If I have not reached out to you yet about a second order, please be patient. I'll reach out. I am trying to get this order finished, but I can tell you there will be a second run, and maybe a 16" shear but that will be much more complex to achieve.
Maybe he'll get a contract as a reggae artist, grow some dreads.
This. What a way to waste an evening. Worse than the Super Bowl.
2 main categories, price and design style.These were probably between $800 and $1k in late 70's money. The design is as a bookshelf unit. This combination puts it in completion with a host of products, but it would be unfair to compare them with full range floor standing systems and/or much more expensive bookshelf designs.
Late 70's, maybe '78 or '79. They sound very good. The guy I bought them from did the necessary work on the driver surrounds and he checked all the values on the crossover. Obviously you have to put them in their category, but for what they are, it's a nice piece of history. The tweeter is renowned.
Give him a max deal.
Found a paid of vintage Allison 5 speakers, quite rare. Can't even find photos of them save for this one, minus the stands.
That line has been posted here several times, and it never ceases to be wrong. People buy or sell for many reasons like 1a hedge, short cover, or even a house project that over-budget.
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