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It's a racing driver and a dictator. No, its not a big deal. But it adds to the perception I have of Hamilton's character. He's turned into a schmoozer which you see in those instagram posts with glitterati.
I'd be surprised if anyone is surprised.
It wasn't on the podium, it was in the drivers room. There was a marked difference in the way Lewis behaved versus how the other drivers acted. Sure, you shake the guys hand, fine, but FFS, the hugs and kisses look at my hat bullshit? Come on. If you can't see the difference then you can't see the difference. It's a pretty big difference, though.
They didn't show Schumi much way back when, nor did they show Vettel when it was his time.Don't really care about watching a guy driving 1.5s under his race pace in engine mode. I'd rather watch Pastor Maldonado, quite frankly.
Ugh. F1 is Russia stinks like Eccelstone ass. What a shitty track, race and state of affairs. Lewis Putin love... it's why I said a while back that he's become a douchebag. "Look at my cute hat, Mr Dictator". We had a leader cruise around on engine mode the whole race. How incredibly boring. There was some mid-field action at times, but it was all too routine and pedestrian with grandstands half full. Not to mention the pathetic sight of lapping around all those...
Sun the 24th is ok with me, maybe 9 or 10pm est?
Mercs are .8 seconds faster than the rest. This should be a really storm race for the lead. Or they could lap the field. Not sure.
Do we have the last 2 for the fantasy league? We need to schedule a draft.
I got in and out and made a little money. Not worth considering again.
As observers, we'll never know the truth. It's pretty obvious Matt Barnes can't let it go, and he's had enough incidents both on an off the court to warrant the guy getting some professional help.
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