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I don't think I agree with that. He's pretty honorable when racing.
Interesting. I noticed a very slight turn in by Nico, I assumed he was making a small correction, but in fact it does look like the correction was intended to tap him. The video does does look that when considering his comments. I'm sure Lewis is providing a very biased account, but still.It will be interesting to see the damage control comments coming out of Mercedes after this.
That was a very clumsy move, especially so early on in the race. Lewis just keeps having issue after issue all season. Nico deserved the boos. The team is just throwing away points. Wow... what about Ricciardo? He's officially destroying Vettel. He beat him by like 40 seconds.
All those tiny little stones are going to fall in that pool. Nice house otherwise.
I should have bought an option on you not buying EPZM. I just knew you'd post that.
I thought it bottomed at 34.70To grab it at 32.50 looks cheap to me, but I've learned that with this stock you have to be willing to 3x and 4x down to turn the trade around. My last buy was 32.64.
I hope so. I did some buying after the market closed.I've also been buying EPZM on the way down the last 2 days, I've backed the truck in again, hoping its bottomed. This could be my biggest score yet on this stock if it makes it back to 36.
You need a better bank
A page or so back, SCTY. Waiting for a new entry point below 70.____________Day traded PCYC today -caught it at the bottom and did well off the bounce.Started trading EPZM again, bought at 34.70 and then 34.08 as it kept sinking. Will triple down tomorrow if it shows weakness. I really liked that recent move, it should test 40 again soon. For whoever doesn't trade it, this puppy is capable of some heavy moves so tighten your belly if you buy in and don't be afraid to...
Love that. That's a huge psychological boundary.Took a bite of EPZM at market close @ 34.70. That seems like the bottom end of the recent move. I'll buy on the way down if it keeps dipping. Hopefully it pops again tomorrow and I get a few more free shares.
New Posts  All Forums: