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MBLY: I'm up 27% in 2 weeks, Goldman just gave it a $100 price target.Stop being whiny. My moves for the last few years throughout this thread stand on their own.I don't understand the question.
Your advice is sound but it's not just luck. Some people have an eye for trading, others don't. Over the course of time you find out and you outperform, revert to the mean or under-perform. The latter 2 means you should just buy broad based and spend more time with your family. I've personally succeeded trading, but to me its more of a hobby. I like the game too much to just hang up my ticker and buy VTI which has averaged 6% annually since 2001.I bought DIS and HD...
Best of breed.Woo hoo. LOCO popped, took profits.EPZM and KITE are looking buyable at these levels.EDIT: took new stakes and EPZM and KITE
Bought PANW, FITB, STML, UL, O, and NVS this morning.
It has momentum, thankfully. I think It can get a bit closer to my breakeven.The shares have momentum, but the platform has really big problems. It was discussed earlier in the thread. If you want to be in the space, FB looks a much better bet.
Wage income based on your current income?
What was the tax hit? Is it flat or based on income or the amount transferred?
This is one reason I buy antiques. Modern furniture is pretty valueless when it comes time to change. I mix some modern stuff but in general I like antiques, and they happen to generally be an appreciating asset.People don't put enough thought into the sink holes they get into with carry costs of their property... and especially the time involved in upkeep. For example, you may love black cars, but you'll need to wash it more often.Most important thing about trading for...
Your acceptance and understanding of your trading temperament is a positive trait. You're doing yourself a good service accepting and understanding your baseline.Your fear is a bit of a red herring because some stocks you sell are inevitably going to go up, you're going to miss moves. You're also going to wipe your brow when your timing is right. It evens out with enough data points. Mistakes improve your trading, I don't look at bad moves as a mistake, it's a chance...
At your age, I'd adjust 20% of your portfolio for trading/speculative purposes. It would require your time, otherwise don't.Cherry picking diminishes the more data points you have. It's one reason I trade such a large body of stocks. When my stuff isn't moving with the market trend, I'm out of sync, and I have data to show it. Then I have to decide if my conviction is strong enough to think its a blip, or whether it's time to shift. I was out of sync 6 or 8 months ago,...
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