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Listening to these agent prepped interviews of new draftees is mundane and irksome. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder, thinks they are the best player in the draft, and is ready to win a championship.
Pacers pick is a strange one
Charlotte have been missing McRoberts, this is a good pick for them, I like the guy.Winslow to the Heat.... hmmm.... bye bye Wade?
Yeah, the Johnson pick was a mistake.
Both players can play and defend the 4 and 5. The Stein pick is complementary IMO.Uff, looking at that logo under the bill is so ghetto too.
Coverage without Simmons is really shit.
Hezonja to Orlando at 5, good pick. Lakers made a mistake IMO.
Knicks take Porzingus
Indeed. Within finance there are hordes of cultivated sources providing information to the investment community all within the technical legalities. I've been on a few ultra quiet projects before, and was amazed at how many people within the organization knew. Another classic example is the guy that gets fired being the last one to know. Seems humans are programmed to gossip, the social status gained by being perceived as an insider just seems too enticing. Kind of...
^ Where'd you hear that? Chad ford says Frank Kaminsky might go as high as #4 to the Knicks. That would be a bad move. Cauley Stein seems to be losing his mojo too, I really like him, guess concerns over his ankle are weighing. Reading LA might go for Russell at #2. I haven't seen more than highlights, but this guy doesn't impress, especially with Okafur on the table.
New Posts  All Forums: