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Solid Z Lowe (and shorter) piece on Brooks and the Thunder. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/scott-free-the-thunder-imagine-a-future-without-scott-brooks/ My only disagreement is that I don't think he'll land another gig. He's been out-coached and exposed too many times to be considered for a top job. Maybe a job in college. But in the NBA, I don't see him getting hired again. Guys made progress under his watch, but they would have elsewhere too, so it's not saying...
I thought Green would win it. But Leonard is the best defender in the league right now, so it's a tough call.
Yeah. I was watching wondering that too. It might turn SA's way later in the series but SA looks to be surviving a bit, they are a better starting 5 than last season. Having Crawford back makes a huge difference.Parker looked hopeless. Mills is the better option now.That Chris Paul shriek was hilarious. I rewound to enjoy it again. Duncan gobbled Jordan up, and it got worse deeper into the game. Also, Duncan's defensive positioning was just incredible, he has to be...
That Pierce article comments on him. It's a great read, nice to see someone talk honestly about the league. He said Rondo would show up when he felt like it and it was symptomatic of his generation's relationship with entitlement. Anyone that signs him is going to regret it. I must admit I enjoyed Rondo in their title run season, but not now.I doubt his injury is real. Kind of like how guys were listed with injuries before it became fashionable to take rest days.
Donovan and Presti are buddies. So were Jimmy Johnson and Jones.
I wish, I'm not that clever.
You're not the only one eating shit with CMG today.
Hopefully they hand it out at the Sleep Train Arena.
Zach Zowe's articles are too fucking long. It was interesting, but I got to a point where I was like 8 pages in and scrolled to see that I had another 4 to go, glanced at my growing inbox and ran out of determination to finish. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/the-last-ride-of-the-spurs-dynasty/
Until that point, Zaza looked good.________________________Mike Budenholzer named coach of the year. Deserved.
New Posts  All Forums: