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That offensive display was just so impressive. Some of those sets were so good I rewound them a couple of times to re-watch. I've been reading stuff along the lines of Miami not showing up, to me they looked completely out-played. There was no lack of effort, they were just out-thought on both ends of the floor. Leonard MVP, but I agree with above, the team really should get it. Funny, all this talk about Miami adding another star... I don't get why a Love or a Melo...
Manu missed 2 with 20 some seconds left. IMO, you can forgive a career 84% ft shooter missing one, but not missing 2. And he turned the ball over a ton that game and generally played badly, but that's beside the point. I can form my opinions based on anything I want, physics aside. Go back in this thread a year, I wasn't the only one that mentioned Manu's 2 misses.
Everything converged in that one moment. Had Manu made 1 free throw, it was game over and SA champs.
I was with you until here... Manu gave them that ring. Should read "had it handed back to them when at a 9 count against the spurs last year"That championship will always have an asterisk in my mind.
http://grantland.com/the-triangle/we-went-there-the-spurs-pressure-cooker/For those here that just can't get enough facts, this was eye popping:
I always liked Eric Snow.You forgot the most punchable of all:
That's an offensive display for the record books. I always judge a winner of a game by how much easier they seem to score. The word seem is irrelevant here. Van Gundy made a great point, sometimes when its this easy offensively, you start to relax defensively. SA needs to keep the pressure on. They only really need to score 2 for every 3 miami scores in the 2nd to win. That display was also Miami's failure... hate to hate on them but they don't look hungry for...
Its not just haters, its also wanting to see an underdog win. Dallas over Mia was very satisfying because you had an older Dirk and J Kidd out play the more talented team.In other instances, I like Durant, and he's in his prime, but he just doesn't evoke that same bitch face attitude Lebron does. I just can't find a reason to hate him. Now Chris Paul, same shit, there's a guy that drives you crazy watching him.I used to hate on Kobe but I have a soft spot for players...
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