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Taking such a bath on RH. It's become the fucking Twitter of retail.
It was also a wonderful way to assess how bad your judgement is on choosing a mechanically sound car.
I highly doubt this is the reason Bernie shafts small teams.
Can't say I did.He wasn't hand picked by LeBron, though. Shumpert's a professional pogo stick with stupid hair. How can he ever have been considered a defensive stopper? On offense, he's an abhorrent shooter that blows layups, breakaways even. $10m a year for this mistake machine, how can it have happened? It's Roy Hibbert stupid.
Cash is king in F1. You are a second off he pace with 30m less in your budget. While Force India does ok, a couple of podiums in a season isn't exactly success either.
Cavs have a pulse after all. Kill time all day sports networks are going to get to fill some time with the Love, better w or w/o conversation. Edit: Curry has 2 points, wtf. Iman Shumpert may be the worst most athletically gifted player I've ever watched in the NBA.
Dunno, not trying to fix the world, just sharing what I'd like to see in a race. F1 needs some huge ass overhauls, perhaps a closed club of 5 mfgs, say Honda, Ferrari, Merc, Renault and X, I'm sure they wouldn't have a lack of bidders. Just force teams into a 10 year commitment. Fuck limited budgets. Factory teams only. Fuck engine size, fuck it all. Let's see cars accelerate at 3g and corner at 6. Lets see drivers earn those millions and really risk it, like MotoGP...
Quit because its unfair.I'd rather see young drivers in a 5 car team where you can really weight them up against #1 drivers.
Took a position in RRD today, juicy 6.1% dividend.
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