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Rivers traded to LAC. Nice to have an NBA dad. If he was anyone else, he'd be Greek league fodder.
Did my first Robinhood trade this morning It took a while to execute, or at least report the execution. The interface needs a bit of work. They are going for sleek and simple, but it's perhaps too simple. CS had a nice bounce on the S Franc news. My euro short position continues to win, up 40% on it since my bet in Aug.
Hey Everyone, I just sent an email. PM me if you didn't get it. For folks reaching out about the 16" shear order, I will respond soon. I am waiting to actually have some info about it before saying anything.
There are a group of dudes like this, though Green is higher on that list. Matt Barnes, Thabo years back, Patrick Patterson, and Harrison Barnes is becoming one of them. It's these guys that shoot a decent %, get a steal and block per game and low turnovers. They do help a fantasy team.Problem with Green is he gets starved of minutes.
Shit agent?Kobe is probably going to get shut down. I read Byron Scott said it would happen when they are out of playoff contention. After extended rest and a 3-19 shooting game, they shouldn't wait. Poor guy wants his body to do things it just can't anymore, it must be very frustrating for him, but he needs to face reality and retire.Related, this sitting guys for games to rest is becoming endemic. Not sure how to criticize it, so I guess I'll jump on the 'fans are...
Woo hoo Quick 4.5% profit overnight on SCO oil short.
In truth, the SEP is intended for a higher tax braket than making 25k, so I'm with you there. Just keep in mind there are lots of ways to manage the use of a SEP, it's not a strait calc like I mentioned. There are other ways to contribute to it.
I think you can contribute 25% based on your revenue (or call it salary), not profits, though. I think the limit is 50k total contribution.Market is green again, what a roller coaster today.
I get it, and agree. For someone that can't contribute to either because of income level, and can't qualify for a SEP, then it's a viable alternative to do something, however limited. For a SEP, start any small business and report income on it, you qualify, not that hard.
I received an update this morning, I will email everyone tonight after work.
New Posts  All Forums: