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5,000 is a lot of people. That's enough for a genocidal army. Surprised you downplay such a huge number.
Your original idea is a contradiction... on the one hand state actors are shit, on the other we should use state actors to adjudicate a suit against WFC. Makes no sense.Elected or not, they are the same actors in either situation. And elected... how great is that working for everyone? This democracy thing, it's really an awesome system where everyone is heard and is held to scrutiny come election time. Congress approval at like 9% but the same pieces of shit get...
On the one hand you mock state, and then on the other use the state for it's judges to sue wells fargo.I'm starting to smell Ayn Rand's perfume.As any great dictator knows, for my friends I have money, for my enemies I have the law.
Jail tends to have the same (some might argue better) effect.
This 30 years business was birthed in brokencycle's post, not by me. I advocate jail time, but never suggested it should be 30 years. Obviously a widespread fraud was committed. Someone was behind it, unless it was aliens. So someone must go to jail and it shouldn't stop until it happens. But we all know they'll be slapped with a fine and business as usual will resume.
If you want to earn those salaries, it comes with the ultimate responsibility and 0 sympathy, or you can go GreenFrog on us and build the CEO a safe space in the building. Regarding the government, then stop electing the same pieces of shit every time thru.Knowing or not knowing is irrelevant. You're the leader. Instead they fired a bunch of branch employees... right-o, own the problem.This was fraud. Unless someone goes to jail, they got away with it.The purpose is...
There are only 3 or 4 other places Zegna might have acquired them, but I know for a fact they work with both so I would imagine they'd use the same supplier. Keep in mind they are wildly overcharging for this Calvin Klein jacket + nicer fabric, so they can absorb the extra cost.
The shoulder pieces look pre-cut, likely from Rovagnati or Cervotessile. Not surprised at the amount of fusing.
Or andre miller
I have one, and I like it. Anything 3 and under is game.
New Posts  All Forums: